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Beacon World Evolved Launch

At Fetch.ai, our mission is to build the infrastructure required for autonomous software agents to unlock the value trapped in wasted data, and organize complex tasks to benefit individuals, businesses and organizations.

We are achieving this by forming a decentralized network built with open-source software tools to give anyone access to the power of AI on globally sourced datasets to carry out complex coordination in the modern economy.

To achieve this we have been running our incentivized testnet campaign to prepare for and test the technology for the Fetch.ai mainnet v2.0. So far, the community response to the testnet has been excellent but this is just the beginning. The next stage is our beacon world program.

Beacon World Evolved

Beacon world evolved (BWE) is the second stage of our program for testing the Fetch.ai blockchain and for preparing our community for the launch of our v2.0 main-net.The BWE programme will reward users and potential validators for gaining experience with the software ecosystem around the main-network. These tasks don’t require any technical knowledge or programming experience; all you need is an interest in Fetch.ai and a willingness to help shape its future direction. The only requirement is your interest in using technology to change the way we live and help Fetch.ai in doing so

BWE is now LIVE. We are calling for you, the community, to engage in governance questions in preparation for the launch of main-net and the foundation. We want you to participate in voting to make sure our project is shaped how you want it to be.

Main Objectives

  • To begin familiarizing the community with governance questions.
  • To encourage non-developers to interact with the test-net. Anyone can participate regardless of previous experience or expertise.
  • To kick-off the validator program (specifically to engage potential validators with governance).

Earn Rewards

The following table shows the incentive rewards on offer.

A key responsibility of validators, developers and users is that they take part in decisions on the future directions of the project. The way that these decisions are made is known as governance and is a key element of decentralised networks. The Fetch.ai ledger uses a simple governance mechanism that was first used by Bitcoin, where a majority of miners have to make a decision on whether to perform a specific software upgrade to the network.

We are offering rewards for engaging with these decisions. To earn rewards, users must complete the following tasks, which are designed to familiarise them with the tools used for sending transactions, delegating stake and voting on governance proposals. The general flow is as follows:

  1. Create a test-net address and link this to their Ethereum staking address (anyone who has completed the AW-1 task can skip this step).
  2. Send a transaction on the test-net.
  3. Delegate stake to one of the validators on the test-net.
  4. Vote on at least one governance proposal.

There are technical and community tracks for interacting with the BWE testnet. We recommend that developers or anyone who is interested in running a validator node follow the technical track while non-technical users should follow the community track. Please note that a ledger nano hardware wallet is required for the community track. It’s possible to follow the steps in both tracks but only one reward is available for each Ethereum staking address that is registered. You can find full details of both tracks here.

Join the Fetch.ai Discord to participate

We have recently migrated the majority of our help, support and updates to discord so make sure you join our server to participate in the conversation and get any questions answered: https://discord.gg/6kkSBQyPRF.

On our discord governance channel, we’ll be running a series of discussions and informal vote polls. This is a great way for you to get started and engage with the rest of the community.

We will also be running a governance focussed AMA with senior members of the team on discord, so make sure you join our server to avoid missing out.



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