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Boötes: Building on the foundations of our mainnet

On 19 December we proudly unveiled the Fetch.ai mainnet release. Codenamed Auriga, it enabled the development and deployment of real applications using native FET tokens. The Boötes update consolidates this work, streamlining and refining the code to make it faster, simpler and further increases its reliability. We achieved this by including a number of improvements and optimizations. For example, we have implemented a number of updates to the beacon service (part of the consensus subsystem) which improves resyncing time and generally increases stability. Additionally, we’ve made a number of improvements to our transaction processing pipeline, specifically our bloom filter implementation, which is now faster and more efficient.

Although separate to the core Boötes release, we would encourage readers to take a look at our updated documentation site, which now features several walkthrough guides. These explain how to complete tasks such as creating addresses, getting testnet FET tokens and deploying smart contracts on the network. The walkthroughs also introduce the testnet network explorer, web-wallet and token tap. Join our developer Slack channel to learn more and talk directly to the developers.

Bounty program

Thanks to your input, we have fixed several bugs in this update. We would really appreciate your continued support to help us review this Boötes release. Don’t forget, as part of our Technical Bounty program, we are awarding up to $10,000 for critical issues reported in our GitHub ledger repository.

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