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Fetch.ai Announces Partnership With Indacoin

Users can now buy native FET using Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards in more than 180 countries

Cambridge — Fetch.ai (https://fetch.ai/), a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab building an open-access decentralized machine learning network for smart infrastructure, announced today a partnership with fiat-onramp company Indacoin. This collaboration will make it possible for FET community members to buy native $FET tokens using credit and debit cards in more than 180 countries.

Fetch.ai has developed digital twins, allowing anyone to fully digitalize themselves. The main idea behind it is to make daily life simpler: automate daily tasks, delegate operational routine and free time for something that is truly important. A crucial part of Fetch.ai mission is to create AI platforms and services that let anyone build and deploy AI services at scale, anytime and anywhere.

To enable mass adoption of FET tokens without relying on centralized exchanges as the single source of native FET tokens, the Fetch.ai team decided to collaborate with Indacoin Ltd. By implementing the Indacoin solution, Fetch.ai team ensures almost any FET holder with Visa or Mastercard in more than 180 countries will be able to purchase native $FET tokens with ease in a safe space within minutes.

Anvar Sidorov, Partnerships Director at Indacoin, noted:

“Fetch.ai is a revolutionary project and we at Indacoin are glad to be working with them. Their approach on digital identity connected to the metaverse is a true inspiration, and we’re excited to contribute to their growth.”

“Allowing the Fetch community to quickly onboard and buy FET with their debit or credit card, will put them in a position to easily access and use FET tokens for various applications we are planning on rolling out. Indacoin will be a great partner in our plans to enable mass adoption of FET token” said Humayun Sheikh, CEO and Founder of Fetch.ai.

About Fetch.ai:

Fetch.ai is delivering AI to the crypto economy. Autonomous Economic Agents, powered by artificial intelligence, can provide automation to decentralized systems that can serve the needs of a single user or aggregate millions of data points to provide timely and efficient information about the outside world.. These agent-based systems provide greater flexibility, speed, and crypto-economic security than existing centralized solutions and represent the future of the industry. This technology enables the creation of personalized digital assistants that respond to a user’s needs to increase the efficiency, privacy, security, and convenience of their interactions with blockchain networks.

The Fetch.ai blockchain is an interchain protocol, based on the Cosmos-SDK, and uses a high-performance WASM-based smart contract language (Cosmwasm) to allow advanced cryptography and machine learning logic to be implemented on-chain. This also allows the Fetch.ai network to also serve as a layer-2 network for legacy blockchain networks and as an interchain bridge to the outside world.

Follow Fetch.ai here: Website, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Discord.


Indacoin is a pioneer fiat-to-crypto gateway with Visa and Mastercard processing globally. The company has been operating since 2014 and its primary focus lies in developing anti-fraud software, which has enabled millions of users worldwide to quickly and safely buy cryptocurrencies. Indacoin is one of the most prominent players in the crypto community that provides risk-free transactions for more than 100 partners.



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