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Fetch-ai Network Improvement Process Plan

What is a FIP?

FIP stands for Fetch Improvement Proposal. A FIP is a design document created in the FIP repository on Github providing information to the Fetch community, or describing a new feature for the Fetch ecosystem, its processes, protocols, or environment. As part of our goal to make technical proposals more transparent for the community, any FIP we or the community create will be viewable in advance, and the public will have the opportunity to review it and give their feedback.

Why do we need FIPs?

FIPs can be used to propose new features in the Fetch ecosystem or changes to existing infrastructure. FIPs will provide discussion threads around their topic, allowing the public to make suggestions, recommend alternatives, clarify misconceptions, or raise objections. FIPs further provide insight to the community on what current and future changes might be coming to the Fetch ecosystem.

The Fetch Foundation, as the current core developer of the Fetch ecosystem, reserves the right to be the reviewer of FIPs and require a FIP to also be approved via a governance proposal.

Open invitation to participate in FIP-001

We are creating the first FIP and would like to invite the community to participate and share their opinion. FIP-001 aims to reduce the voting period on the Fetch network from 14 days to 5 days. More information can be found on FIP-001’s pull request.



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