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Fetch.ai Releases DabbaFlow — The First of Its Kind File-Sharing Platform

DabbaFlow Accelerates and Simplifies the Ability to Securely Share Data

Cambridge — Fetch.ai (https://fetch.ai/), a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab building an open-access decentralized machine learning network for smart infrastructure, today released DabbaFlow, the first of its kind end-to-end encrypted file-sharing platform.

Advanced data-sharing and privacy-preserving technologies are ushering in a new era of data monetization. Fetch.ai’s first addition to its CoLearn ecosystem, DabbaFlow, empowers individuals and companies to take more control over their data and turn them into real business outcomes, while keeping their data private and secure.

Data transfers are essential to running a business in the digital age, however this has led to new challenges. Since 2020 there has been an exponential increase in data shared online, arising from remote collaboration and an unprecedented surge in emerging startups. All of which has posed significant data breach risks to individuals and companies, where valuable data is constantly being exposed to security and privacy threats. The results have been devastating for business reputation.

Research has shown that customers in retail, finance and healthcare will often times stop doing business with organizations that have been breached. In light of these breaches of privacy and security, Fetch.ai is stepping in with ready-made and end-to-end encrypted platform built on blockchain to keep data secure, verifiable and auditable. DabbaFlow is a fully native application that provides multiple layers of encryption with exceptional performance while retaining ownership. CoLearn Data is effortless to use, as it sits in the menu bar and lets the user send files with just a few clicks.

“If data is the new oil, we need rigs and refineries that keep up with the times”, said Humayun Sheikh, Founder and CEO of Fetch.ai. “People are beginning to understand how valuable their data is and with the paradigm shifting towards more secure and decentralized solutions, new business models are emerging. DabbaFlow is here to provide the data management tools to create powerful AI models that are relevant to a distributed web.”

DabbaFlow is the first step on Fetch.ai’s mission to bring AI fully to Web3. It will provide its CoLearn project with an auditable data layer with powerful controls, which will make direct engagement with Machine Learning models possible and thus produce even richer insights. Furthermore, it’s fully encrypted and decentralized nature makes it a prime solution for data management, one that doesn’t compromise on trade offs between privacy or confidentiality.

Access the DabbaFlow web app here: dabbaflow-app.opencolearn.com

To learn more about DabbaFlow, please visit dabbaflow.opencolearn.com

About Fetch.ai

Fetch.ai, a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab, is building the infrastructure required for autonomous software agents to begin performing useful economic work on behalf of individuals, machines, businesses, and organizations. Fetch.ai’s network is based around open-source technology and gives users access to the power of AI on a world-scale secure dataset to carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy.

For more information, please visit https://www.fetch.ai.



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