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Fetch.ai Roadmap Q1–Q2 2022

We are bringing some really exciting new developments in Q1-Q2 2022 as we constantly increase the scope and number of different uses for the FET token.

We have enabled IBC already this year, giving Fetch.ai the capability to be deployed across all Cosmos-IBC enabled chains and soon the Osmosis DEX. We will be launching a Mobix token bridge, and there has been a successful reconciliation for tokens not transferred over with previous stake migrations, with another due soon.

In terms of new applications, we are launching our decentralized travel marketplace app to make it incredibly straightforward and simple to book travel and looking to growing the Fetch.ai ecosystem starting with Resonate.Social — a decentralized social media platform where users can create posts/videos/photos into NFTs, and the decentralized nature is managed as a DAO on the Fetch Blockchain. It empowers users to have a safe and trusted social experience while also enabling them to monetize their earned social trust through smart, NFT-driven token economics. It is built on the Fetch.Ai blockchain.

Our Collective Learning platform continues to power ahead, with the launch of the CoLearn v10 marketplace and release of the decentralized data sharing protocol due within Q1/Q2 2022.

Meanwhile, we are also building a new developer portal to make it easier for developers to create applications deployable on the Fetch.ai mainnet and doing an active evaluation of creating a marketplace for both users and developers. To support the development of new applications, a Fetch.ai fund for developers will be launched, support given to hackathons, and testnets provided.

The Fetch mainnet has been upgraded with the Capricorn release, this facilitates the v10 Cosmwasm virtual machines, making it possible to deploy Rust smart contracts onto the mainnet. A BLS-based group signature model is coming soon, allowing for multi-signature wallets, DAOs and agent-based oracles. We are also integrating Cosmwasm/group signature clients with our autonomous agent framework.

Finally, we are continuing to enhance DeFi agent capabilities, and by indexing transaction histories we are making the UI more responsive. We are adding improved wallet analytics to help DeFi strategy formation, and we are rebranding and rebuilding the website and dashboard to enhance the user experience. Excitingly, we will also be making it possible for FET-powered DeFi agents to be deployed on other EVM networks.

The Fetch 2022 Q1-Q2 roadmap demonstrates both our commitment and our ambition, as we deliver on making Fetch.ai the leading AI plus blockchain solution across data-intensive industries such as the supply chain, healthcare, travel, and DeFi sectors and more.




Fetch.ai is building an open access, tokenized, decentralized machine learning network to enable smart infrastructure built around a decentralized digital economy

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