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Fetch.Ai Sponsoring Cosmwasm 1.0 Security Audit

After being in development for over a year, the release of CosmWasm 1.0 is finally here. This release has a far-reaching impact on the Cosmos ecosystem and all projects based on the Cosmos Chain, including Fetch.ai.

The main goal of CosmWasm 1.0 is to provide functionality that allows smart contracts to interact with each other and be deployed on different blockchain platforms. This means contracts can easily communicate directly with contracts on other chains, relying only on an affordable, trustless relayer. This takes smart contracts far beyond token transfers. It creates an ecosystem where teams can quickly develop and integrate on inter-chain protocols, with the same speed and composition that launched DeFi and NFTs. For more technical information on the benefits of CosmWasm 1.0, head here.

We at Fetch.ai are strong believers in supporting and promoting development activities that progresses the deployment and scalability of solutions strategic to the entire Cosmos ecosystem, which is why Fetch.ai is proud to announce the sponsorship of CosmWasm 1.0 smart contract security audit.

Learnings and findings from the audit will be published separately by the Confio team in December.

About Fetch.ai

Fetch.ai, a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab, has AI platforms that make it effortless to build digital twins, privacy preserving machine learning systems, and AI applications. Fetch’s reward systems enable enterprises to identify insights across departments, vendors, and partners without sharing their data. Their network is based around open-source technology and is interoperable with public or private blockchain networks. For more information, please visit fetch.ai.

About Confio

Confio has grown with the Cosmos blockchain community support, and it has a proven track record in exceeding expectations. Its ability to create highly secure, developer-friendly tools for next-generation blockchain applications is remarkable. Confio GmbH is the key contributor to several powerful open-source projects including CosmWasm, CosmJS and IBC. The team is focusing on the development of Tgrade, regulation-compliant blockchain platform for financial institutions.

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://confio.gmbh/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/confio_tech



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