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Introducing DabbaFlow — The First of Its Kind Data Sharing Platform

DabbaFlow is here! We are very excited to launch our solution to a much pondered modern puzzle: secure data exchange.

What is DabbaFlow?

DabbaFlow is the next-generation data-sharing platform. Gone are the days of relying on 3rd parties to facilitate the safe and secure exchange of your data.

Think of DabbaFlow as a ‘decentralized Dropbox’. Our platform makes use of blockchain technology to give you full control, privacy, as well as visibility, over who can access your data and when. You are the master of your data; there is no longer any need to trust file hosting services to handle what is and should be, yours.

DabbaFlow has no access to your data and it does end-to-end encryption for you. This means that you can be 100% confident that your files remain secure when transferring them. We believe that having control over your data is not a luxury, but a right. File sharing should not come at the expense of security, but it should also be easy and user-friendly. We designed DabbaFlow so you can share your data in these 5 simple steps:

With DabbaFlow you can share data quickly and securely using the interactive interface, without the need for passwords. In addition to this, your files are never processed or stored on a central server. Access to your data will not only be limited strictly to the recipients that you chose.

How does DabbaFlow work?

While this might all seem like wondrous Web3 wizardry, Dabbaflow achieves this trustless form of file-sharing by leveraging the combination of two (very real) ingenious innovations: blockchain and proxy re-encryption (PRE).

Before we re-encrypt, let’s de-crypt what this actually means. In essence, a proxy enables the reader of the file to decrypt it — without exposing the contents to anyone.

First, you add your data on DabbaFlow: here it gets immediately encrypted in your browser. This encrypted file is then uploaded to IPFS storage. If you want to share this data, a special secret key, as well as the information of the reader/recipient, are sent to different proxies through a smart contract (only the targeted proxy can view this information). These proxies then do some complex cryptography work to provide key fragments to the reader. ​​When the reader has enough key fragments, they can decrypt the file. We can set the limit of how many fragments are needed for decryption. To provide the reader with enough information to decrypt the file, results from multiple proxies are needed. The proxies, however, do not see any details of your data. They can, though, receive rewards for navigating this magical mathematical maze. In other words, these proxies receive tokens for their hard work!

We welcome you to use DabbaFlow and take part in ushering in a new era of data exchange!

DabbaFlow is a key component of the wider CoLearn ecosystem, which enables people to work together to share information and build models of data that are learned collectively.

To read up on the technical aspects of DabbaFlow, please see the docs or visit the DabbaFlow website: dabbaflow.opencolearn.com



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