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Since is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain network, the essential task of maintaining the whole system and guaranteeing its security is entrusted into the “hands” of its validators. Additionally, validators are trusted with delegations by FET stakers of all sizes, which practically translates into increasing their voting power and, by extension, their influence over the network. Consequently, they become the keepers of the fragile balance between accumulating power while also, for the health of the chain, striving to make it as decentralized as possible.

Unfortunately, these custodians of the protocol are usually shrouded in secrecy, and users often find it challenging to make an informed choice of whom to delegate their funds to. In an attempt to remedy that and to create a space for Fetch validators to talk directly with our community, we initiated the Know Your Validator campaign.

Now, almost two years later, we are boosting transparency even further. We are launching a series of blog posts, each dedicated to one of our validating partners, so as to help you know them better.

Our first guest interviewees are the team of Enjoy!

Q: In a couple of sentences, introduce yourself and/or your organization and tell us where you are based. We at Blockscope are blockchain enthusiasts and a team of Computer Engineers with broad experience, who have worked for the biggest banks and telecommunication companies in Spain. We are running professional services on 20+ PoS chains. Our dedicated servers are located around the world, providing a 0% CO2 footprint!

Q: What got you into the Web3/crypto space and how long have you been in it? We fell in love with blockchain and with decentralizing human interactions and societies. We believe in free and autonomous individuals. We got into crypto more than 2 years ago.

Q: Tell us your story about how and when you became a validator on the Network. How did you first hear about Our entry in the crypto space was as project investors — we were looking into AI blockchain projects and was the one we believed the most in. Initially, we became FET investors and some time after we decided to become validators. So, the first validator we set up was on the network.

Q: Have you participated in Fetch testnets? Yes, we have supported several testnets.

Q: What commission do you offer to FET holders as a delegation incentive? We offer 1% commission.

Q: Have you participated in governance discussions and voted on any of the governance proposals? Yes, we like to participate in governance discussions and proposals, those are an important part of how healthy blockchains and DAOs work.

Q: Are you running (or are you planning to run) any ecosystem features such as seed nodes, client RPC endpoints, block explorers or a DApp? We run RPC and IBC relayers for network.

Q: Please describe your involvement as a validator or in any other development work in the overall Web3 ecosystem? We are professional validators and developers for blockchain projects. We have developed a next-generation UX analytics platform for Near protocol —, and several monitoring tools for validators for Solana, Velas, Umee, Near, and Sui.

Q: Which is your favorite DApp and why? Star Atlas — a futuristic space-themed Play2Earn game. Games and AI will probably be the two main drivers for achieving crypto mass adoption.

Q: What are your plans for the coming 5 years? Keep on validating, growing and developing in the Web3 ecosystem.

Q: Is there something you would like to share with our community? We believe that Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the most disruptive technologies of this decade! combines both with a top qualified team that has been solidly building. Let’s build together the future with!

Q: How can our community members reach out and contact you? Please share your website and/or social media profiles.






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