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Staking: The Basics

Fetch.ai staking is open to everyone, no matter how many tokens you hold. To take part, you will need:


The FET ERC20 contract address is 0x1D287CC25dAD7cCaF76a26bc660c5F7C8E2a05BD

The original auction contract address (first auction only) is 0x10dB9941E65DA3B7FDB0Cd05B1fd434Cb8B18158

The new contract address (from November 2019) is

The old contract address was used for the first auction. It was superseded November 2019 for the second and subsequent auctions and adds some additional features.

You will never see any other target address in any of the MetaMask transactions, or in your hardware wallet’s confirmation of address. Please check carefully and reject and refuse to authorize any transaction not referring to one of these two addresses.

There are two ways of taking part:

At this stage, the auction process requires attention and patience. If you are taking part, please read all of the documentation provided. In particular, we encourage you to read the ‘Getting started’ and ‘Auction info’ pages on the staking site before carefully completing each step. It is important to do your own research and it is your responsibility to secure your wallet and the tokens stored within it.

Option 1: Take part in the auction directly

Yields are variable, and depend on the final price of each slot.

Option 2: Pledge to a pool

Yields are fixed, depending on the pool you choose to join.

If you would like more information, we encourage you to watch our staking video with head of research Jonathan Ward. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on Telegram, on Twitter or email us at info@fetch.ai. We will be happy to help.



Fetch.ai is building an open access, tokenized, decentralized machine learning network to enable smart infrastructure built around a decentralized digital economy

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