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Dropbook #2 and Dropbook #3 — Rewards System

Dear community,

We realize that Dropbook #2 is something you have all been waiting for and we apologize for its delay. Our focus has been entirely directed towards Drop #3 and now that it has been successfully completed, we thought it would be a great idea to release both Dropbooks simultaneously. Both of them are now available on the RealFevr website.

Therefore, in this article, we want to explain how the rewards system will work from now on, in a simple and fair way for everybody. Here’s what the article will cover:

  • Continuous system adaptation
  • How to earn the rewards
  • $FEVR rewards — First Completed Highest Rewarded (FCHR) model
  • What are the rewards?
  • How to claim your rewards?
  • Future Dropbooks

Continuous system adaptation

When we launched the First Edition Dropbook, we realized the rewards system would need constant adaptation. A fixed and inflexible model would compromise the sustainability of this product and that is something we cannot afford.

With that being said, we have reviewed the launch of the first Dropbook and decided to implement some changes in these two that we are launching today.

And again, these changes were made exclusively to these two Dropbooks, which means that the rewards system for future ones might be different (but more on that later).

How to earn the rewards

When it comes to the rewards of Dropbook #2 and #3, everyone who completes 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of a rarity tier will be able to collect the respective rewards. In other words, each rarity tier on each Dropbook will allow you to unlock and collect 4 different rewards in completion intervals of 25%.

Naturally, a higher completion percentage equals better rewards.

$FEVR rewards — First Completed Highest Rewarded (FCHR) model

When it comes to the $FEVR rewards, this model will follow exactly the same model we used on the First Edition Dropbook.

Very simply put, the first people completing the requirements to earn rewards in any rarity tier will earn higher rewards than people who take longer to do so. This applies to each interval of tier completion where $FEVR is given as a reward (and not simply to the total completion of the tier).

Read this article to understand how the system works in more detail.

What are the rewards?

The rewards for these two Dropbooks will be composed of:

  • Experience Points (XP)
  • Allowlist Priority/Spots in future ecosystem initiatives (AL)
  • FEVR tokens ($F)

The quantities of each reward type will vary according to the Dropbook rarity tier in question, as well as to the completion percentage of each tier, as seen in the table below:

Rewards Table — Dropbook #2 and Dropbook #3

Although you cannot yet see the Experience Points in your user profile, everything is already being counted and will be displayed in the future. This means that the XP rewards are already in place and soon you will see everything in your user profile on our website.

REMEMBER: The rewards and incentives are constantly adapting and they can change according to our ecosystem evolution. This means that some of the rewards you will get on these two Dropbooks might not be applicable in future Dropbooks (and new rewards may arise as well).

The faster you are, the more $FEVR you will earn in the Dropbook #2 and #3!

How to claim your rewards

The process to claim your rewards is extremely simple and it works exactly in the same way as in the First Edition Dropbook. All you have to do is to click on the progress bar once you meet the requirements to claim your rewards.

You pay zero fees to claim your rewards, just as you pay zero fees to lock your collectibles in the Dropbooks.

If you want to have a more extensive view of the reward claiming process, read this article.

Future Dropbooks

Each Dropbook has its specific reward system.

Before releasing a new Dropbook, RealFevr will always review the reward system from previous ones, to ensure the model stays sustainable in the long run.

For future Dropbooks, you can expect adaptations, which can represent the addition of new types of rewards or the removal of old ones.

At the end of the day, the reason why you complete your Dropbooks should be because you enjoy the collecting factor of it. We are by no means looking forward to creating a “Collect to Earn” type of model, as it completely defies what true collecting is all about.

Also, keep in mind that all the collectibles that you lock in present or future Dropbooks will still be playable in FEVR Battle Arena.

We will always benefit those who trust and support the project and we want to build a strong community of true collectors.

Best wishes,

RealFevr Team

What is RealFevr?

RealFevr is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football fantasy leagues game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on iOS and Android. With the fantasy leagues concept proven, RealFevr is now working towards being one of the NFT industry leaders by having the first-ever fully licensed Football Video NFTs Marketplace. Its NFTs will also be integrated into the FEVR Battle Arena, a new football NFT P2E game that’s currently in its alpha testing stage.

To learn more about RealFevr:

Join us on Telegram (Community), Telegram (Announcements), Discord, Twitter, and Website.



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