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FEVR Battle Arena: the evolution of the game field!

There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing true evolution and progress. It takes hard work, it takes a lot of effort but it is always worth it in the end.

Game Field Concept Evolution

Game field concept 1 — First Sketch

Game field concept 1 — First Sketch

A true masterpiece always starts with an ugly draft. Have you ever heard the expression “it will look worse before it looks good”? Well, that’s how the first concept of the game field of FEVR Battle Arena looked like, exactly 1 year ago.

A two-dimensional soccer field that, if shared with the community, would cause immediate panic and fear towards the whole concept of the game. Nonetheless, we share it now, as the first piece of a beautiful puzzle.

Game field concept 2 — Closed Alpha Stage

Game field concept 2 — Closed Alpha Stage

This is the field you are all familiar with. 3 months later, we had something more tangible and presentable to share with the world. While the game mechanics were upgraded, the visuals could not be left behind.

For several months afterward, our main focus was indeed bug correction and overall mechanics. We greatly appreciate the precious contribution our amazing group of Alpha testers provided throughout this process.

Fast-forwarding this journey up until today, 1 year has passed and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you the third concept of the game field.

Game field concept 3 — Upcoming Open Beta

Game field concept 3— Upcoming Open Beta

Our team wanted to build something different. Naturally, visuals play a big role in the overall conception of game quality. That is why we had to create a futuristic and high-tech-looking game field. Something that you would see on an ultimate sports metaverse.

We are extremely happy with this third concept (remember, nothing is permanent, everything is in constant evolution) and we hope you are as well!

Soon, the present and the future will merge into an intense and enjoyable experience.

If you haven’t pre-registered for the Open Beta of FEVR Battle Arena, you can do it here.

We await you there.

What is RealFevr?

RealFevr is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football fantasy leagues game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on iOS and Android. With the fantasy leagues concept proven, RealFevr is now working towards being one of the NFT industry leaders by having the first-ever fully licensed Football Video NFTs Marketplace. Its NFTs will also be integrated into the FEVR Battle Arena, a new web3 game (Play and Earn) that’s currently in its alpha testing stage.

RealFevr in numbers: over 100k packs sold; over 25k NFT transactions on the Marketplace; most expensive NFT bought for $91k.

To learn more about RealFevr:

Join us on Telegram (Community), Telegram (Announcements), Discord, Twitter, and Website.



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