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First Edition Dropbook Rewards — Explanatory Article

In this article, you will learn how the system behind the rewards for the First Edition Dropbook works. Here are the main topics to be discussed:

  • Continuous system adaptation
  • How to earn the rewards
  • First Completed Highest Rewarded (FCHR) model
  • Numbers explanation (how many $FEVR will I earn?)
  • How to claim your rewards?
  • Future Dropbooks

Continuous system adaptation

The rewards system is not static. This means that we will, from time to time, review the rewards and adapt them to ensure model sustainability.

Every single FEVR token rewarded to a collector will be given directly from RealFevr’s reserves. For that reason, we must ensure that this model remains attractive but, most importantly, financially sustainable for the company in the long term (accounting for a continuous increase in the number of collectors in our ecosystem).

Therefore, the rewards you will earn today will NOT dictate nor influence, in any shape or form, the rewards you might receive in future dropbooks.

How to earn rewards

When it comes to the First Edition Dropbook, everyone who fully completes a rarity tier will be able to collect the respective rewards from that tier. In other words, you will earn rewards for completing each one of the following scenarios:

  • Lock all the 40 Common NFTs in your dropbook
  • Lock all the 20 Special NFTs in your dropbook
  • Lock all the 8 Epic NFTs in yourdropbook
  • Lock all the 4 Legendary NFTs in your dropbook
  • Lock the Unique NFT in your dropbook

First Completed Highest Rewarded (FCHR) model

We have given a lot of thought to this matter before coming up with what we believe is the perfect model for this innovative product.

Our main goal was to create a model that rewards ALL our early collectors and supporters, but also one that promotes some sort of a competition/race among collectors, as that is what a fully gamified ecosystem is all about.

That is how we came up with the FCHR (First Completed Highest Rewarded) model. The way it works is really simple: the first people completing a rarity tier in their dropbook (i.e to lock every single moment of a given tier in their dropbook) will earn higher rewards than people who take longer to do so.

This is pretty much the First Come First Served model everyone is already used to but applied to our Dropbook Reward System.

Note: Once the NFTs are locked to a dropbook, users will be entitled to earn the rewards related to those NFTs only ONCE.

Numbers explanation (how many $FEVR will I earn?)

Now that everyone understands how the system works, it’s time to explain how much you can expect for completing different milestones of your dropbook.

The values for completing each rarity tier are the following:

  • Complete all Commons = from 250 to 10 000 FEVR tokens
  • Complete all Specials = from 500 to 20 000 FEVR tokens
  • Complete all Epics = from 1500 to 60 000 FEVR tokens
  • Complete all Legendaries = from 6250 to 250 000 FEVR tokens
  • Complete the Unique = 300 000 FEVR tokens

Note that only the very first collectors completing each tier will be able to receive the highest amounts of $FEVR per tier, as rewards will be progressively smaller as more people complete their dropbooks.

The faster you are, the more you will earn.

How to claim your rewards?

The process to claim your rewards is extremely simple. Once you are eligible, all you have to do is to click on “Click to claim rewards” in your progress bar (as seen in the image below).

Claiming your rewards (special tier example)

Once you click to claim, you will be able to see what exactly those rewards will be:

The process is completed and your rewards will now have to be approved by the admin before being sent directly to you. Here’s what the progress bar will look like after claiming:

Rewards completed & claimed — special tier example

You will be able to see the reward status of each tier. If you see they are still pending, don’t worry. Your rewards will be delivered to you.

Special tier reward status — pending

Once the rewards are delivered to your wallet, the message will show as follows:

Special tier reward status — completed

Finally, by clicking on the reward status, you will be able to see the rewards earned as well as the transaction details (for $FEVR token rewards):

Reward Status

Future Dropbooks

Each dropbook has its specific reward system. This means that the type of reward and their amounts for the first edition dropbook will not define the rewards for subsequent ones.

Before releasing a new dropbook, RealFevr will always review the reward systems from previous ones, to ensure the model stays sustainable in the long run.

For future ones, you can expect a broader set of rewards. They will include XP (experience points), FEVR tokens, allowlist tickets for multiple initiatives we might release, and more.

Finally, in terms of milestones needed to unlock your rewards, that can also change from dropbook to dropbook. This means that, while on the first edition one you need to fully complete each tier to earn rewards, in future dropbooks that might change as well.

Have fun collecting!

RealFevr Team

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