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RealFevr NFT P2E Game Progress Share: Phase II

“FEVR Battle Arena”: New updates!

Hello FEVR community!

Today we bring you a new update on our upcoming Play-to-Earn game! The day where your NFTs will battle against each other is coming!
Although the name is not 100% defined yet (but it sounds really cool), “FEVR Battle Arena” will be a place where you will make use of your strategy skills to pass through defenders, destroy goalkeepers, and score hope-shattering goals!

Last time we shared how the NFTs would be used in-game and how we intend for the game to look like (you can check it here: https://medium.com/fevr-token/realfevr-nft-p2e-game-progress-share-phase-i-ee0d351dcba9).

This time, we will discuss the game’s progress and give you some insights into how we are building everything.

Game Engine

We needed to define a suitable game engine, robust enough while giving us power, flexibility, and support. Considering our devs past experience with Unity, our choice was made without any reservations. Unity is currently the most popular game engine, with which very popular games have been made, including Hearthstone, Monument Valley 1 & 2, Crossy Roads, or Albion Online.

Unity Engine

By levering Unity’s powerful editor, we could quickly prototype the game with a few variations, and test different layouts and rules. After sets of playtesting and discussions, we have chosen a variation that allowed us to better express and bring football into the world of trading card games. From there on, we started developing the prototype into the game you have already seen pictures about, and that is currently playable internally.

Game Mechanics

As the prototype develops, so do the Game Mechanics we are rolling out with each new build. So far, we have been trying out different combinations of resources you might have available in the game (concepts like mana, stamina, action points, etc) and also powers (one-dimensional, attack, defense, spells, amongst other stuff) and, with no bragging intended, the team is really satisfied with the direction the game is taking.

Right now, we are getting to the point where all the stages a game goes through are going from the whiteboard into code, so we can start testing full matches before the end of 2021 in order to make all the necessary adjustments to the flow of a complete match.

We want a game that has enough complexity to enable layers of strategy while keeping it simple for new users to pick up the basic rules in a quick tutorial session.


The team is working to bring more utility to $FEVR and NFTs and we assure you no one in the world wants this to succeed as bad as we do. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and while the game is being developed, other things are naturally being prepared by the rest of the departments.

Without spoiling too much, we can undoubtedly affirm that we are preparing something huge, out of this world, if you may.

We truly believe that $FEVR will be the future of Gaming and Sports and we will celebrate it together with everyone who stood by our side. Walk this journey with us and let’s make history together.

RealFevr Team,

What is RealFevr?

RealFevr is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football fantasy leagues game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on App and Play Store. With the fantasy leagues concept proven now, RealFevr is expanding to be the leader of the NFT Market by launching the First-Ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, fully backed by IP. NFTs will also be integrated into a new Football NFT P2E Game that’s currently under development.

To learn more about RealFevr:

Join us on Telegram (Community), Telegram (Announcements), Twitter, Discord, and Website.

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