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The Staking Festival continues

If you have enjoyed the $FEVR Staking Festival, get ready to dance to the sound of two more melodious staking pools!

Hey $FEVR hodlers,

As a project, we value our community and that has been communicated multiple times in the past. But actions speak louder than words and whenever possible, we will deploy initiatives that allow us to reward our most loyal and true supporters.

Remember: you should ONLY connect your wallet and stake on our official staking website: https://staking.realfevr.com

NEW POOLS (August 11th): stake FEVR earn FEVR

Available at staking.realfevr.com


1) Flexible: stake FEVR earn FEVR

Available at staking.realfevr.com

2) Liquidity Pools

Available at staking.realfevr.com


Lately, there have been many scams trying to impersonate our channels, to get members to link their wallets to malicious staking websites.

Despite our constant efforts to warn the community through Telegram and Discord chat, it is important to remember that you should only connect your wallet to our official staking website: https://staking.realfevr.com

For true RealFevr supporters — what does the future hold?

We want to conclude this article with an extremely important message for everyone.

Our ecosystem is very complete and carefully thought out. As consequence, the number and type of initiatives we can (and will) create to reward those who are active within the project are endless.

The concept is simple: the more you participate, the more likely it will be for you to have priority in future releases.

By maximizing your actions, we are not just referring to the number of actions but also to the type of actions: completing different rarity tiers on different Dropbooks, participating in multiple staking pools, participating in different Drops and acquiring different packs… the list goes on.

And if we are already presenting incentives like this, with still so much to come to our ecosystem, imagine how creative and incredible the future ones can be. We could say that sky is the limit but that would be too limiting.

What are you waiting for? STAKE NOW: https://staking.realfevr.com/

RealFevr Team

What is RealFevr?

RealFevr is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football fantasy leagues game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on iOS and Android. With the fantasy leagues concept proven, RealFevr is now working towards being one of the NFT industry leaders by having the first-ever fully licensed Football Video NFTs Marketplace. Its NFTs will also be integrated into the FEVR Battle Arena, a new trading moments game (Play and Earn) that’s currently in its alpha testing stage.

RealFevr in numbers: over 100k packs sold; over 25k NFT transactions on the Marketplace; most expensive NFT bought for $91k.

To learn more about RealFevr:

Join us on Telegram (Community), Telegram (Announcements), Discord, Twitter, and Website.



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