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User Profile is now live!

FEVR collectors, you have been summoned…

User Profile — Avatar Generic Frames

For the past few weeks, we have been focusing our efforts on developing a clean and efficient user profile area on our website. This update, although it took a while to launch, is of extreme importance to our community of collectors and the overall ecosystem.

From now on, you will not be just an address ID anymore. You will be given the possibility to create your own branding/collector’s identity by following 4 simple and quick steps:

  • Set Username
  • Set Avatar
  • Email Address (Optional)
  • Confirmation

1. Set Username

The very first step in this new collector journey is taken by setting your username. It will represent your identity within our ecosystem and, for that reason, it should be a decision process that requires some reflection.

Visualize it, think about the type of collector you want to be and how you wish to be perceived in the sports collector community and, once the perfect username comes to mind, lock it, so that no one else does it before you.

As a friendly hint, there are many iconic usernames that will naturally be locked from very early stages. Anyone will be able to choose any username at the time of the release of the user profile and this is also a way to benefit everyone who has been with us so far. As the ecosystem keeps growing, newcomers might find it increasingly harder to discover those word-class commonly sought-for usernames. Take advantage of being around at the time of this update and act fast, as your identity depends on it!

Profile Setup — Set Username

2. Set Avatar

The second step is to set your profile avatar. Initially, you will be able to choose one avatar from a selected list of examples (as seen below).

You can either be the “Diamond Hands” collector, the “Lambo” or even the “Moon” collector. These are mere examples of many more to come in the future. Although there will always be limitations in terms of how your avatar should look like (so that it always makes sense inside the RealFevr ecosystem), let’s just say that we really understand how important these avatars are and by no means we would restrict your profile avatar to a set of 8 images. For now, these are the available options but in the future, the coach within you shall define the tactic.

Profile Setup — Set Avatar

3. Email Address

This third step is NOT mandatory, as we value your privacy and respect your personal data. However, by submitting your email address on the user profile, you will receive important information not only about the project itself, but also about your own collector accomplishments, marketplace sales, and more. We will not spam you, we will simply inform you (just as we do with our newsletter — feel free to subscribe at the home page of our website if you haven’t already).

Profile Setup — Email Address (Optional)

4. Confirmation

The fourth and final step of the profile setup process is the confirmation itself.

You will be given an overview of the information you have provided in the previous steps (the email address will only appear if you have provided it in step 3) and, after double-checking everything, you can save your profile.

Profile Setup — Confirmation

User Profile Overview

Let’s all keep in mind that, although this update certainly represents an improvement to the user experience, by no means this is close to being the final version of how the user profile will look like.

Initial Profile Overview

At the present time, we are additionally working on several future upgrades to enrich the whole collector’s experience, such as challenges, leaderboards, a leveling up system, collector album “dropbook”, gamified nft burning mechanisms and much more!

Curious to know how it will look like in the future? Here’s a sneak peek :D

Future User Profile Overview

With this being said, it’s never too much to remind you that technological advancements take time to implement. What you see through front-end web development is the final result of several internal tests, team meetings, ecosystem planning sessions, strategic team brainstorms, and more. The work happening on “backstage” is substantially heavier than meets the eye, which is also very assuring, as it makes it exponentially harder to replicate or imitate.

We are acting on many fronts, as RealFevr is much more than simply web-development and we cannot stress enough the importance of patience, hard work, and diligence.

The vision is clear, the team is motivated, the technology works and the know-how is part of our set of competitive advantages.

Now, go set your user profile before someone takes your username idea ;)

See you soon!

The RealFevr Team

About RealFevr
is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football fantasy leagues game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on App and Play Store. With the fantasy leagues concept proven now, RealFevr is expanding to be the leader of the NFT Market by launching the first-ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, fully backed by IP. NFTs will also be integrated into a new Football NFT P2E Game that’s currently under development

To learn more about RealFevr:

Join us on Telegram (Community), Telegram (Announcements), Discord, Twitter, and Website.



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