Entering the Next Phase of the Few and Far Journey With Quests and Protocol

Few and Far (aka FnF) Protocol
Few and Far Protocol
3 min readSep 12, 2023


We’re working on two components of the Few and Far ecosystem on NEAR.

This month, we are happy to share that we’ve begun work on two components Few and Far ecosystem: Quests and Protocol. These pieces will enable the marketplace to support FAR Token and its utility, and also evolve the platform to achieve our mission of becoming the go-to destination for Web3 experiences on NEAR.

Today, we will discuss Few and Far Quests and the Protocol. But first, a quick update on reinstating our current platform after a recent pause in our development:

  • Onboarded new team members, including a front-end engineer
  • Deployed production code in new testnet environment
  • Making upgrades to the current UI
  • Development of FAR token utility

Update on current platform: We understand some features on fewfar.com need to be fixed. Rest assured, they will be fixed when we migrate our current platform.

Update on migration: We will soon be migrating to fewandfar.xyz. This Web3-friendly domain will support the existing marketplace with updates and new features.

What Are Few and Far Quests?

Few and Far’s Quests will be a part of a broader rewards ecosystem in which users, businesses, and brands are incentivized to take action on our site, including signing up, trading NFTs, becoming a launchpad project, or using our API.

Few and Far’s Quests will plan to include a points system where users get “FEW” in conjunction with an underlying protocol enabling the FAR token, to fuel ecosystem growth. A detailed guide on how Quests will work will be released in the upcoming weeks.

How Will the Few and Far Protocol Work?

The Few and Far Protocol will be a set of rules and orders for on-chain operations to support the use of FAR Token. The underlying protocol will govern how marketplace activities that include smart contracts, such as NFT trading and minting, will impact the Few and Far Community and its ecosystem partners, such as creators and brands.

A document with more details on how the Few and Far’s Protocol will work will be released after the migration of our current platform, alongside an updated project roadmap.

Please look out for an email in the upcoming days about the migration.

If you have questions in the interim, contact us at contact@fewfar.com.

— Few and Far Team



Few and Far (aka FnF) Protocol
Few and Far Protocol

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