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Vincent Viriot Melts Our Minds

Viriot’s commission for #ConnectedByLemonade

What would antiquity look like if it really knew how to party? Probably a lot like Vincent Viriot’s intensely colorful images and animations, which smash together different eras and influences to create something wholly original. Lemonade spoke with the 39-year-old French artist about what tickles his imagination.

You incorporate a lot of classical statues, but give them a psychedelic, 21st-century edge. Can you tell us a bit about these wild combinations?

Yes, I like antique statues and Memphis Group-style, 1980s design motifs and shapes. And these two styles combine very well — it’s a kind of ‘vaporwave’ aesthetic that I like. I mix these styles in my own way and try to be modern in my compositions and renderings.

Tell me a bit about your commissioned piece for Lemonade’s #ConnectedByLemonade, a new project that brings artists together to create a “never-ending drip” on our Instagram feed.

I wanted to stylize the filling to have more geometric, melting shapes, so I made a few tests. I chose the iconic torso of Michelangelo’s David because I liked the contrast of this pink, Pop color on this classic statue — a good mix between the past and future.

You create a kind of ‘sculpture’ — but they’re virtual, CGI. What’s it like being a ‘sculptor’ who doesn’t make physical objects?

I’m not a sculptor…I like to use 3D-scanned statues and play with them. It’s more like collage for me. I’d love to make my compositions in real life, but what’s good with the virtual world is that you can do everything you want — your only limit is your imagination!

What specific advice would you offer to an artist who’s just starting out?
The key is to make things… and lots of practice. I see lots of creatives doing daily creations, and in one or two years they make so much progress.

What’s one program or tool that you’d be totally lost without?
I love Adobe Illustrator. Moving paths is very relaxing for me.

Who are a few of your artistic heroes?
Banksy, Daft Punk, and Steven Spielberg.

What’s the first artwork you saw that really blew your mind?
As a kid, I liked to see posters in the supermarket. And I remember the first time I saw an Iron Maiden picture — it was so badass! I’m still super inspired by heavy metal imagery. The ’80s are always on my mind.

Discover more of Vincent Viriot’s on Instagram — and don’t forget to follow #ConnectedByLemonade!



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