Borderland: where England meets Wales

Vagar Hill, Herefordshire

Since 2012 I have lived with my family in western Herefordshire. The landscape changes as England meets Wales, from fertile farmland to upland moor and common land. The images in this collection feature everyday scenes found within a few miles of either side of the border as it follows Offa’s Dyke from Hay south to Abergavenny.

I find the borderland exists on the edge of our collective consciousness: in most conversations the geography is unfamiliar and requires detailed explanation. I am drawn to document this sense of forgotten isolation but also to explore the strong feeling of rootedness among its inhabitants and their marked influence on the land.

I often look for evidence of change as the region (somewhat reluctantly) embraces the 21st century and leaves (some) of the old ways behind.

This collection therefore aims to record my deep affection for my borderland home. In many ways it feels to me like a land in between.

Llanveynoe, Herefordshire
Vowchurch, Herefordshire
Capel-y-ffin, Powys
Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire
Longtown, Herefordshire
Capel-y-ffin, Powys
Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire
Blackmoor Farm, Herefordshire
Michaelchurch Escley, Herefordshire

For further information on this ongoing project (and a wider selection of images), please visit my website.

‘Borderland’ limited edition photobook, featuring 36 images selected from the series, coming in 2017!
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