Announcing Our Newest Venture Partner: Kathryn Hume

Today, ff Venture Capital is proud to announce the newest member of our team, Kathryn Hume, who has signed on as a Venture Partner with the Firm.

In her role at ffVC, Kathryn will advise ffVC portfolio companies and their executive teams, source and evaluate promising potential investments, contribute her industry analysis and observations to our platform and community, and speak at select tech and VC events and conferences. Kathryn also will continue to serve as Vice President, Product & Strategy, for, a SaaS platform company located in Toronto, which enables B2C enterprises to apply artificial intelligence to a social media, behavioral, and first-party transaction data.

Kathryn Hume

We first met Kathryn as a speaker at the Future Labs AI Summit last April (in connection with our AI NexusLab program with New York University) — where she gave an outstanding talk on “Selling Artificial Intelligence into the Enterprise.” For the past several years, Kathryn has been at the forefront of the increasingly important AI, machine learning, and data science boom in the US and Canada. She has extensive experience in applying artificial intelligence and data analytics across many industries, and enterprises and her deep-seated passion for commercializing emerging technologies and research is perfectly aligned with ffVC’s goal of identifying and supporting the most visionary founders in seed- and early-stage technology companies.

Here’s Kathryn’s take on joining ffVC:

Creating value from early-stage technologies is different from expanding the value of mature technologies. It requires technical acumen to understand breakthroughs in academic research; open mindedness to see the vision of early adopters and create meaningful applications rather than solutions looking for problems; comfort navigating uncertainty; humility to identify all the unknown unknowns; grit to conduct experiments to find answers; and patience and creativity to help others understand and grasp the value of something new and unfamiliar. This set of challenges excites me. I’m thrilled to collaborate with the ffVC team and help their founders build great companies that have great impact.

Before joining, Kathryn worked at Fast Forward Labs advising Fortune 500 enterprises on accelerating artificial intelligence, data science and machine intelligence capabilities to solve real-world business problems, and Principal Consultant in Intapp’s Risk Practice, advising on issues of privacy, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. She also served as a Visiting Professor on technology and law at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. Kathryn is a frequent writer and lecturer on applied artificial intelligence and data science at industry conferences and universities — including Harvard Business School, Stanford, Michigan State University Law School, and the MIT Media Lab — and is a respected thought leader on issues involving the intersections of technology and society. Kathryn received a PhD in comparative literature from Stanford University and a BA in mathematics from the University of Chicago. She speaks seven languages and resides in Toronto.

We are honored to have Kathryn join us and we look forward to leaning on her expertise and insights!

You can read more about Kathryn and her new role at ffVC in VentureBeat.