Lndr features explained in GIFs

Simplicity has always been the core value when we set out to build Lndr (http://www.lndr.co)

To demonstrate how simple and easy Lndr is, we have created a series of simple GIFs to demonstrate some of the small but thoughtful features of Lndr using one element on a landing page.

Simple background color
Using simple background colors can give you a clean and effective way to highlight your content and call to action.

Configure color, label and link options easily to make your CTA stand out.

Increase text readability 
Apply a subtle overlay to make your text stand out without the need to edit your background image.

Image editing made simple
Need to resize and position your image perfectly in a section? You can do it simply and seamlessly.

Text formatting
No frills, just the formatting tools you need to keep your page sharp and fresh.

Paragraph Break
Paragraph break (shift + enter) can be defined at the template level to give you the additional flexibility of paragraphs.