Ken Miki for Heiwa Paper Company

Featured above is a poster from graphic designer Ken Miki for the printing company, Heiwa Paper Company. Miki is from Japan and has won multiple awards from Japan Graphic Designers Association Rookie of the Year, Japan Typography Association Annual Grand Prix, and more. One of the rules Miki tends to strongly follow with his design is that he believes design should be comprehended by anyone across the world. Although his work may include languages he usually backs up their meaning with a graphic such as mountains above to help the reader have a stronger understanding. His style of work is also usually distinguishable as he uses a 3-dimensional techniques to help his pieces entice the viewer as this gives his graphics more depth, creating a more eye striking piece as it pulls them into artificial worlds.

As stated the poster was for a printing company. Ken Miki’s brief was to create a poster that is able to represent the companies new printing paper that has an extreme amount of whiteness to it. This is where the name of the product Hokusetsu which translates to northern mountain was instant inspiration for Miki. The paper had often been compared to snow because of its level of whiteness so this involved with the mountain is how the idea came about.

Miki intelligently uses black as his main colour for the poster to really make the white glow and pop out against the surrounding poster to show the products’ ability to represent near pure whiteness. The minimalist design with the mountains also creates a beautifully tranquil image as they sit high above the almost endless darkness of down below.

To go along with the poster Miki created a sample book. The book unfolds revealing a the phrase “Money does not make me happy”. With these series of smaller posters he uses a moon as it gradually reveals the whiteness of the snow and shows different forms and shapes of the mountains.

The set of posters deserve to be recognised in the book because of Miki’s intelligence and care that has curated what looks like such a simple design but works efficiently at enticing the viewer and clearly shows what the company asked for as the glowing white prevails over the black background.

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