The Importance of Self Awareness


Awareness is an idea unto itself which we are often not aware of. It is the knowledge or perception of a fact or situation. It is the realization of consciousness. You are spirit, you are not a body, you have a body. You are a spiritual being, you have an intellect, you live in a physical body. You live, simultaneously, in three different planes of understanding. Awareness is having these planes lined up, or in sync (Proctor).

Awareness of life, of self, of surroundings is crucial for the safety and success of an individual. Since the brain is continuously rewiring its circuitry — part of its plasticity — you constantly have to be aware to continue to proliferate. No one can teach awareness, it is something within yourself. The realization of consciousness is one factor in awareness, while external awareness and self awareness are others. All are necessary to thrive. Evaluating one’s own successes and limitations lead to the utmost comprehension of self. When one understands self at this extent, he or she can use this to flourish.

The more awareness you have, the more capable you are of surviving and succeeding (Lipton). As a parent, one must tell his or her children to be aware of their surroundings, as who knows what’s lurking around the corner. Wise advice from the progenitor. To be aware of your surroundings means constantly being awake, accountable, willing, to constantly think critically, and to continually possess energy: the existence that determines ability. However, the awareness of outside is not nearly as convoluted as the awareness of self.

Self Awareness

It is the awareness of self; the realization of self individuality. As an emotional intelligence capability, self awareness is the ability to understand emotions and recognize the impact on social habits. It is a realistic evaluation of strengths/limitations. Notice realistic. The point is to not be subjective but to analyze everything “that makes you tick” in order to adapt your life to suit your needs (Klosowski). Self awareness is about what we want, and perhaps more importantly, what we don’t want. It is what we can do well versus what we do not. We must be real, authentic versions of ourselves to become leaders and visionaries.

Athletes, for example, have this depth of physical self awareness, so much so that they know how far to push themselves until their body breaks. Athletes have this biological need for self awareness so that they do not damage nature (the body) when they push themselves to the absolute limit.

To become physically self aware, one must become emotionally self aware. This is no easy task. To become emotionally self aware means delving into the deepest parts of yourself, to analyze who you really are to the point of full comprehension. In simpler terms, know yourself until you can write an A+ analytical-evaluative essay on you. “Constant inner practice” and “desirelessness” (Osho 88) are key factors in attaining this goal.

Who Cares?

We only seem to be aware of the things that directly affect us. Everyone has an impact on everyone else. To be aware of this means you are one step closer to becoming satisfied with life. In the waking state, there are no things, just consciousness. It is not the body that is aware, but awareness (Spira). “Under objective self-awareness, the person will experience either a negative or positive effect depending on whether attention is directed toward a negative or a positive discrepancy” (Wicklund). We must understand who we are to accept who we have been to work towards who we want to be. Find your shortcomings and make them better. Become great. Accentuate your strengths.

The only way to accomplish this is through self awareness. This awareness leads to better communication, self management, leadership, and behavior. You must become aware of your behavior in order to change it.

There is a certain amount of self awareness one needs to have in order to evaluate his or her own. This amount of self awareness is already within us. In essence, we have the power to tap our potential and become extraordinary. However, if each and every one of us taps this potential and gains the power, who is truly extraordinary if everyone is? This is what we are wary of, I suppose, or perhaps people are just slothful.

“I am not this body because I am aware of the body; the very awareness makes me separate and different” (Osho 95). The thoughts and emotions come and go yet awareness of self remains (Osho 95).

Many people do not evaluate themselves. We are mechanical robot products of our environment, just eating, sleeping, working endlessly until the cycle breaks. We do not know what sort of happiness we seek, just that it is external. However, this notion is false. Happiness — everlasting satisfaction — is internal. We must confront self analysis so we can put an end to the cycle of robotics and achieve full self awareness.

Be at one with the universe. Make decisions with understanding, not with ego. Ego filled decisions result in chaos and unhappiness. Decisions with understanding behind them result in motivation and abundance in all forms. Develop self awareness. Master mind and emotion. Learn about yourself and how you function so that your self awareness ameliorates.

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible” (Lifford).


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