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How to get access to a Standard Account

Registering your account in Fiat24 takes just a few moments and grants you access to our Standard Account, which give you additional benefits that Tourist Account holders don’t get access to. In this article, we guide you through the process so that you can get started right away!

The benefits of opening a Standard Account

When you get verified by our KYC process, you can enjoy:

  1. Cash Top-Up via Bank Wire
  2. Cash Withdrawal via Bank Wire
  3. 30 day transactional volume limit of 100,000+ CHF

About the KYC Process

We know that sharing your personal data can be bothersome and even feel intrusive, especially when it’s related to a KYC (Know Your Customer) registration process. They typically ask to provide pictures of our ID and a selfie in order to verify your identity, and serves to protect you, making it possible to ensure that no one else is trying to impersonate you when using Fiat24.

KYC checks before the start of a contractual relationship are a means of fulfilling FINMA’s regulatory requirements. It checks whether business partners are trustworthy based on suspicious transactions or hits on a risk list (e.g. sanctions lists or PEP lists).

On one hand, this verification includes a formal identification by producing a valid ID or passport, and on the other hand, a real identification, that is to say, knowing at all times who the person creating an account on Fiat24 really is.

How To Guide

  1. Click Send money and then click on the Payout tab on Fiat24 app
Click on “Payout” and then on “Sign Now”

2. Verify yourself by signing on MetaMask or your preferred Ethereum digital wallet

3. Fill in the necessary personal information that appears (email, identity, residence address that you should be at for the geolocation, and financial background)

3. Do a biometric scan of your passport, verify your identity by taking a selfie, and confirm. Fiat24 reviews the information and activates the account in one business day.

Follow the steps to verify your passport, scanning it with your mobile device
Take a selfie to verify your face

4. Congratulations! As soon as you have been verified, you will be able to access your Standard Fiat24 account.

Like learning through video?

Watch our video about opening an account below and check out our YouTube channel for more guides!

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