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So, what IS Fiat24 exactly? We invite you to join the Metaverse Banking Revolution

At Fiat24, our vision is that digital currency will impact the world in terms of innovation, efficiency, and global equality, and that a financial system built on blockchain is the leading tool to achieve those goals.

The mission of Fiat24 is to grant everyone access to a seamless payment experience in a regulated ecosystem that is built for peer to peer transactions via both traditional banking services and crypto wallets.

But what do we do exactly?

Take a deep dive and explore how we are building the Metaverse Banking Revolution.

Our DApp is available on

Who we are

To put it simply — we are a Swiss fintech company directly regulated by FINMA (The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) and offering a payment application built on Ethereum blockchain technology to create a seamless, Web3-ready financial and transactional experience.

Some of the Fiat24 team members

Through our fully regulated ecosystem, Fiat24 bridges the gap between centralised and decentralised systems, with our own metaverse where businesses and private clients alike can buy land to gain visibility.

Designed for both retail users and merchant clients, we enable you to experience next generation payments with hassle-free and real-time blockchain payments, and to extend your payment universe.

What we offer

🇨🇭 Swiss account — Multi-currency cash account with innovative NFT technologies, Swiss quality and available directly in your wallet.

💳 Instant payments — Each payment is transparent and trackable, secured by Blockchain technology. There is never a downtime and transactions are always active.

🌎 Metaverse — Own a land in our Metaverse world and build your connection, when you acquire a premium account number.

📱 Mobile onboarding — Verify your identity with passport and get full banking functions. It takes just minutes, all from your mobile.

💱 Currency exchange — Change your currencies anytime, with very low fees, available in 24x7. You can also earn fees by providing liquidities.

🪙 Lossless crypto top-up — Together with our Royal Points (F24), you take the advantage of converting cryptocurrencies into fiat for free.

Our achievements so far

We are one of only 4 Fintech License holders in Switzerland | Link

We are in CVVC ‘Top 50 Crypto and Blockchain Companies in Switzerland 2022 Report’| Link

CVVC Top 50 Report

We are a member of the Swiss Financial Technology Association | Link

We will be part of 2 panels at The World Innovation Economics (WIE) in Davos, Switzerland as part of the World Economic Forum | Link

Why join us & how to get started

Joining us and getting started with Fiat24 is not only simple, but quick and granting you access to our services immediately. Know why else you should join us?

✔ ️You can gain full control of your assets and enjoy your multi-currency cash account with innovative technologies and Swiss quality, all available 24/7 directly in your wallet.

✔ ️Top-up your account easily from peers, banks of your choice, and crypto, all made possible by the use of our NFT, which allows you to access all of our services via your preferred digital wallet. With us, passwords and SMS codes are a thing of the past!

✔Go further and own valuable land in our Metaverse, building brand awareness and doing business there when you acquire a premium account number.

Explore our Metaverse |

To get started:

Read our articles about Connecting your Wallet with Fiat24, Opening an Account with Fiat24, and How to Access a Standard Account.

We also invite you to stay connected on social media and to reach out to us with questions, feedback and opinions! See the links below to get in touch.

Stay Connected

🌎 Explore our Metaverse

❓ For questions, visit

📺 Learn more about getting started on our YouTube channel

👩‍👩‍👦 Join our community at




Fiat24 invites you to begin your journey in a new financial universe, empowering you through ownership and control, all made possible by the power of the Ethereum blockchain. Access free banking services that are always available from the comfort of your own mobile device.

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