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The Faces of Fiat24

Fiat24 is more than just a Web3-ready payment solution — in a company growing as fast as we are doing right now, and in an industry which is constantly evolving, new challenges arise every day.

Fiat24 Offices | Zurich, Switzerland

What propels us ever-forward is our dedicated team, who share smiles and laughs daily, and who work closely together to achieve our common and shared goals. Let’s take a closer look into some of our team members and how they are pursuing their professional and personal passions.

Karen Shidlo

I have been here for just over 6 months and feel incredibly lucky to have found Fiat24. As someone who didn’t know too much about web3 before starting to work here, it has been an exciting (even if challenging) ride so far!

Karen Shidlo | CMO at Fiat24

I think that our office has a very dynamic and fun vibe to it — we are a small team, so that makes us quite close-knit and enjoy being together. In terms of how being the CMO at Fiat24 enables me to truly pursue my passions, I believe that blockchain technology truly has the potential to impact the way we operate in our daily lives, helping us to become more efficiently.

On a personal level, I love the freedom that I get in this position to be creative — somewhere where I really thrive! I also love getting the chance to meet people, travel, and contribute to the greater good through this new era whcih is web3.

Stacy Hu

I am in the middle of my internship at Fiat24, focusing on business development and the Asian markets. I also work closely with Karen, helping her out with our general marketing efforts. I enjoy coming to the office because I feel that we are all friends, able to come to each other for help and share positive experiences together on a daily basis.

Stacy Hu | Business Developer at Fiat24

My passion is to help bring blockchain, crypto and web3 to the masses, because I think that it presents an opportunity where people are not merely products of technology-powered business models, but also builders and owners of digitally unique assets.

Working at Fiat24 gives me the chance to meet both my professional and personal goals, and I would love to stay here after my internship is over!

Albert Camps Oller

I am the blockchain developer at Fiat24 and have been here for over a year now. I think that being at the forefront of new technologies is something that really excites me, and keeps me motivated and passionate.

Albert Camps Oller | Blockchain Developer at Fiat24

Being a part of this team can be challenging, but it is an exciting experience which I value for several reasons. I am always in “learn-mode,” get to test and try new things, be a part of the UX development for the web3 space, and effectively be a part of the first set of blockchain builders — all of these things are inspiring to me!

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