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ThunderCore Stablecoin Farming with up to 30% APY

How to start farming with ThunderCore?

ThunderCore is a fast and eco-friendly EVM compatible PoS blockchain with 4000+ TPS and almost zero fees.

For farming you have to download the official wallet ThunderCore Hub.

In ThunderCore Hub you can create an account with Facebook or Gmail, Gmail is recommended, because you can set two-factor authentication in Google mail, besides Facebook account might be blocked at some point.

Wallet is supported on many languages if English is not your native, check Settings — Language. It is also recommended to set the pincode for the wallet and add backup information to restore access to the wallet (mail and phone number).


Passcode — pin code for the wallet for extra security.

Recovery Info — specify there backup email and phone number to restore access to the wallet, if you lose your email/Facebook account which you registered, forget the password, etc.

Link Accounts — You can link a Twitter account to earn TTs for retweets in the Quest tab, which is good if you need to pay transaction fees, for example, if you made a deposit in stabelcoin and you do not have TTs.

Contact Us — The only official technical support, any personal messages in Telegram with an offer to help in 100% of cases are scam. There is an official Telegram community, but there is only informational support, technical support is only through e-mail

Bottom Buttons

DEX — the main decentralized exchange on ThunderCore, it is official, from the developers of the ThunderCore blockchain, but not the only one, there are third parties, there may be better liquidity.

Quest — already wrote above, retweets for TT, convenient for paying fees if you made a deposit only in stables and do not want to buy TT. For retweets usual reward is 1 TT, fees in the network are about 0.0001 TT, so that is enough for a long time.

Wallet — wallet page with balances of your assets. Wallet address for all tokens is the same, but deposit conditions are different, because some tokens support crosschain transfers, and some do not. So, if you transfer for example BUSD — you should open the wallet page with BUSD deposit, you will see that ThunderCore and BEP20 BSC networks are supported + fees and limits for cross-chain transfers.

Why this is important — because ThunderCore has crosschain bridge with Ethereum, BSC and HECO, from each blockchain different tokens are imported, with different limits for transfer, and for example, transfer of BEP20 USDT will turn to loss of funds, because the bridge is only for ERC20 USDT, bridge with BSC supports only BUSD and BNB.

Home — The main page with access to various projects on the ThunderCore blockchain, works as a DApps browser in the Trust Wallet, allows you to use various DeFi projects directly from the Hub.

You can add the DApps you want to your Favorites, in the search bar you can open projects by direct link to the website, if for example you want to open an app that is on the blockchain, but is not yet in the Hub.

By default the Featured category is open, you can change the categories and scroll further to the right, for farming we need to select the category DeFi, Official or All, to open the TT Mining dapp.

On TT Mining page the Flexible is open by default — it is staking without lockup with 5% APR for USDT and 5–16% APR for TT. All you need is to hold TT or USDT in Hub, staking rewards are accumulated in real time and can be claimed at any time, tokens are not blocked anywhere, you can withdraw, swap, etc. To continue such staking you must claim rewards manually at least once every 7 days, for inactivity staking will stop and to re-activate it you will need to press the claim button again.

Fixed — The new fixed staking plans for stablecoins. Choose your stables, the desired plan (take 30% while you can, because it’s the only one with limit) — approve staking transaction. On the View button you can see your current staking subscription, when the unlock, how many rewards have accumulated, etc.

What you need to know

APY/APR — this reward is annual, you are staking for 5–30 days, so your deposit will increase of 6–30% divided by 365 days, multiplied by the duration of your staking.

That is, for staking of $1000 for 5 days at 30% APY, the formula will be as follows:

1000/100*30/365*5=$4.1 total reward for 5 days

When the subscription ends, the same tokens can be re-staked, if you hold some stablecoins, you can drop them into such farming without risks. Of course, do your own research.

TT on the CMC, you will also find all the links to the project’s resources there:

This review is not investment advice, we only publish available information to make it easier for you to study the project on your own! Be careful when trading/investing in cryptocurrencies and clearly understand the risks.

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