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Derivatives in Crypto

The birth of one of the most underlying trading innovation which is widely known as cryptocurrency has bloomed into a diverse ecosystem varying from different applications. Despite being on its early stages there are different developments that would vouch for its’ prominent exposure and awareness of cryptocurrency. One of the advance features is the cryptocurrency derivatives, which is a fresh line of financial offers. The current widely recognized type of cryptcurrency derivative is Bitcoin futures.

Now that we’ve mention about cryptocurrency derivatives what is it exactly? Now a derivative as its name suggests is a financial security that us based or tied in some way to another asset. In simpler terms it’s a form of financial contract between two or more parties that, centered on the assets in this case are the cryptocurreny. More specifically, it’s an agreement to exchange monetary by particular assets from stocks to cryptocurrencies at a predetermined price and an agreed time.

Derivatives don’t have natural or direct value independently from themselves; the estimation of a derivative contract is simply founded on the expected future price movements of the hidden cryptocurrency. Derivatives serve an important function in financial paper marketing, and they’re making advances into the consistently growing and constantly complex cryptocurrency world. Most of the derivatives are sold on an over-the-counter, unregulated premise, in spite of the fact that there exists a significant standardized derivatives market on trades.

In the financial world there are 3 considered common types of derivatives:

Forwards and Futures

Both forwards and futures are financial contracts that obligate buyers to purchase an asset at a pre-determined price on a fixed future date. Forward and Future are basically equivalent in nature. Be that as it may, forwards are increasingly flexible contracts in light of the fact that the parties can tweak the underlying commodity just as the amount of the product and the date of the exchange. Then again, futures are standardized contracts that traded on the exchanges.


Options are financial contracts that gives the buyer of the contracts the right yet not given an obligation to purchase or sell an asset at a pre-determined price by a specific timeline. Also on option type, the buyer has the right to option on the maturity date (European options) on or any date before maturity (American options).


Swaps are financial contracts that allow the exchange of contract between two parties in a series of cash flow in the future, mostly based interest-bearing instruments like of which bonds or loans as the underlying asset. There are various types of like commodity swaps, currency swaps and one of the most prominent types is interest rate swaps which involves the trade of future stream of fixed interest payments between two different counter parties.

However, stating the fact that cryptocurrency derivatives are still on its’ early stages making just a couple of derivatives product accessible for the public right now. The most well-known cryptocurrency derivatives are Bitcoin futures and options, because of the way that Bitcoin powers over half of the whole cryptographic market capitalization, making it the biggest and most-exchanged coin around.

In spite of the fact that derivatives was one of the core factors that added to the worldwide financial crisis dated back in 2007, it is as yet a crucial tool in managing investment risks. It’s anything but difficult to see that the derivatives market is required for a thriving financial ecosystem, and maybe this is the bridge that is expected to improve the awareness with cryptocurrencies to the mass market. In any case, keep cautioned when dealing with derivatives given how it has multifaceted nature and refinement.

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