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Jet Token Files Regular A+ Offering and Plans to Follow in Turnkey Jet’s Path with Non-Security Token

Jet Token, now filing for Reg A+ Offering, is looking to raise an amount equal to 10 Million US dollars to trudge the same path as Turnkey Jet.

Turnkey Jet is the first no-action letter recipient for a digital asset or token that was believed to be a non-security by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

The Jet Token which is speculated to be following the same path of TurnKey concluded a Regular CF offering on StartEngine and was supported by over 3,700 investors recently raised the maximum volume beneath the current guidelines. Their idea is to utilize a single platform to reserve a brand new HondaJet or any of the 4,000 private jets, and then pay with either cash or blockchain currencies. The company was planning to allow their members to be able to utilize credit for flight time on private jets or on any commercial airline in the long run. Their development proposes additional freedom and choice for travelers. Now, the company is planning to raise more funds for accomplishing their idea of democratizing private jet travel.

Jet Token then clarified their idea by stating; they conclusively mean to issue and sell Jet Tokens on their closed blockchain Network that would be convertible for time on their HondaJets just as for private jet travel with outsider carriers. Right now, digital resources like their proposed Jet Token, contingent upon their structure and rules of utilization, might be viewed as a security and the issuance and deal might be dependent upon enlistment under the Securities Act.

They also said that they are presently creating and testing their Jet Tokens and formalizing the guidelines of their utilization on their platform. Be that as it may, they have not yet applied for no-action relief with the Securities and Exchange Commission and that they don’t mean to issue and sell Jet Token without it. The Capability of their Offering Statement ought not to be perused as a commendation by the Securities and Exchange Commission of their different and free quest for no-action relief from SEC.

They further stated that they imagine a period where a customer buys from them a jet hour card utilizing money or blockchain currency and consequently gets Jet Tokens convertible for travel, or keeps up assets in a wallet on their platform for acquisition of travel, on their group of aircraft, with outsider fly administrators or on business aircraft.

Additionally, through their App the customer would consistently get to their Jet Token balance in their Wallet on the Network; Jet Tokens would be one installment choice on the App together with Fiat currency, Bitcoin and other Blockchain currencies. With a coordinated commercial center for personal jet and business jet travel that includes arrivals, flights, airplane description, aircraft photographs, charges, and costs can possibly offer enhanced access to administrations for aircraft operators and travelers. They also believe that airplane administrators would accomplish higher income per seat mile by filling a generally vacant plane, and travelers would accomplish access to on-request travel at a lower normal expense on account of more prominent market transparency and improved value exposure.

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