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Marketing Strategies for Security Token Offerings (Pt. 2)

Fundraisers, Project Managers, Advisers & The Importance of Direct Outreach

Many compare an STO to not only ICOs, but the more widely known form of fundraising, the Initial Public Offering (IPO). In IPOs, the underwriter of the offering usually focuses on their network of connections to sell the investment opportunity directly, among other equally important goals. Note that most of them are from highly successful and well-known businesses, so there was already high demand for these securities in the first place. Thus, very little marketing was required for them which may not necessarily be true for yours as with STOs, the situation is quite different.

Many firms attempting to create an STO as a form of fundraising are still in their seed-funding stage which means they may not even have a minimum viable product (MVP) yet. As such, very few people have likely even heard of the company, making STO marketing essential. This makes fundraising through direct outreach and email campaigns much more difficult.

This situation has led to the rise of fundraisers and advisers, who stake their own reputations on projects to promote them directly to investors in their network. These individuals are a literal lifeline to the success of a capital raise with their unique connections.

Many of their companies also maintain databases of accredited investors, high net-worth individuals, and funds throughout the world, making their services invaluable for your STO. However, soliciting the services of these companies can be difficult since they only work with projects that they’ve thoroughly vetted and done due diligence on. This is essential for these companies as they depend heavily on their reputations to make the needed connections for said projects time and again.

Those seriously looking to initiate an STO MUST have someone on staff that can take of this role. If not, chances are getting in contact with these professional fundraisers/advisors might prove hard and should be high priority early on. Direct outreach to targeted investors is one of the most important parts of your STO marketing strategy.

Social Media Influencers

You can use social media to build trust in your firm’s STO by showcasing achievements and posting updates. While this is a standard in social media maintenance, it also does provide other opportunities for reaching out to accredited investors.

Jumping on similar hashtags, commenting on their posts, or participating in communities that your target investors are active in can all be effective methods for building trust and awareness for your brand.

One final note with regards to social media is the inclusion of influencers. As with all marketing initiatives, you must choose social media influencers related to finance, investment and the cryptocurrency industry. These people will very likely have a strong following of potential investors for your project.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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