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Move Security Tokens Forward by Formal Registration with Traditional Banks

More good news coming in the crypto industry as Blockpulse, a Security Token Offering platform, has just received proper registration with the ACPR Bank of France. Blockpulse recently registered at ACPR France with Lemonway as their partner, leading hand-in-hand the European digital payment solutions for investment platforms as they pave their way forward. They’re also very proud to say that this partnership is by far the first STO platform to have achieved registration with a french entity and the actual confirmation of their registration is available on the ACPR Bank of France registry.

All this success may be due to the fact that STOs are a very much more regulated compared to its predecessors, the ICOs, etc. which have largely died off for the fundraising sector since the 2017 boom. A direct result of government bodies putting their foot down and stepping up for the law.

However, it would be greatly important to note that STOs have actually not yet even had such a boom as the ICOs did in 2017, which means it may still happen in the near future. As they are taking a more regulated approach, STOs are more likely to sell due to their origin — asset backed tokenized securities.

Going back to the topic at hand, the Bank of France registration is a very important key component as this shows that Blockpulse’s registration with ACPR Banque de France allows them for the potential concerning specifically the Euro. This registration gives Blockpulse the legal capability to manage euro payment for issuances, and transfers and all other financial instruments.

A limiting factor in all this is that Blockpulse is only available to French token issuers for now. Yet that’s not to say that investors from other locations can’t participate in sales, but it all still depends on pending regulatory restrictions. It’s also noteworthy to state that they seem to already have concrete plans to expand in the European Union through Benelux and Spain.

All in all, tokenized securities is definitely a logical intersection of blockchain and finance, even with all the odds stacked against them. But while the concept has yet to grow into fruition and boom like ICOs did in 2017, it’s safe to say that it’s on its way there and who wouldn’t want to be on that train when it arrives to its final, and hopefully much more successful, destination.

In the world of Crypto, finding the right people to do the job can be troublesome and difficult at best. This is why at FIAT Exchange, we offer an all-in-one service encompassing everything there is to launching a token offering, as well as ensuring that everything is safe and transparent with all of the legalities done first. As a pioneer in the consensus industry, we offer the tools to democratize access to finance and through our platform, investors, start-ups and established companies are able to find opportunities they otherwise never would have.

At FIAT Exchange, we have consultants to help innovative start-ups, promising businesses and even well-established corporations launch their own Initial Exchange Offering, Initial Coin Offering, Security Token Offering or Reverse Token Offering effectively, efficiently and successfully. As a constituting body, we act as partners and assist each and every project from compliance, fundraising, and to final listing in our Digital Marketplace.

While there already are other operating equity crowdfunding platforms in the European Union, we are the first to expand to become a broker-dealer and introduce to our investors an alternative Smart Securities layer, offering a secondary market where investors can trade their startup securities.

If you are an Investor looking to unlock access in the FIAT Exchange ecosystem and discover new investment opportunities or if you are an Entrepreneur looking to raise capital, we can definitely help! Please feel free to contact us:

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