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Security Token Offering — Future of Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding

STOs (Security Token Offerings) contributes its various set of advantages for the investors and the financial framework more so now and in the future.

First of all, generating money through the customary method of assessing business activities does not offer the tangibility for business development and encountering the outlooks of various investors. It was via ICO (Initial Coin Offering) paradigms that kept business advantages throughout all channels from the beginning with regards to various investors form different startups back in 2017 which raised approximately $5 million.

Likewise, ICO is perceived as a fundraiser utilizing digital currency tokens in an ungoverned ecosystem. Taking this into account, there are numerous restraints to this framework. With that in mind, STOs provided the necessary solutions to the following limitations of ICOs as well as it ensured security for clients.

Prior to this, ICO pertains to the token offering by a firm for the goal of generating finance for a concept or venture although; it is ungoverned in its very essence. Taking this into consideration, it is justifiable that it is risky for investors to be operating on. In contrast, with the introduction of STOs, it operates in a governed environment as well as having to possess the same concepts of an Initial Coin Offering. Moreover, the STO is the very definition of lessened fraud hazard and security of investor freedom in a successful manner.

Significantly, transparency is the cornerstone of STO because registration in SEC makes STO a more feasible choice for trustworthy crowdfunding. In addition to that, there is comprehensive information accessible related to the enterprise with regards to administration and financial performance. In this regard, investors can do proper research before investing.

Furthermore, STO can be utilized for tokenizing any resource or financial instrument. This opens the chance for online exchange. SMEs (Small to Medium enterprises) and new businesses can generate funds without the risk of putting in big amounts of charges. As time goes by, the standard legitimate records will develop and token protocols will convert to being open source. Additionally, it is predicted to eliminate the operational expense of STO.

Moreover, STO will assist in transferring investments across geographic limitations. For the reason that token standards stay uniform globally, the acquisitions and exchange can be made more efficiently thus it will save more time in the process of fundraising. Likewise, the investors will take advantage of the simple liquidation mechanism with the utilization of registered STO exchange platforms.

The STO framework is a great restoration to the ICO framework. Essentially, it is believed as a more secure method towards fundraising via digital currency for the reason that most administrative legislations and particular regulations are both necessary factors in the financial specialists’ viewpoint. Furthermore, enterprises need to find out how to operate in an STO in a regulated yet agreeable environment for mutual advantages. Thereby, it is anticipated that STO will change the demographics of equity in the long haul.

In the world of Crypto, finding the right people to do the job can be troublesome and difficult at best. This is why at FIAT Exchange, we offer an all-in-one service encompassing everything there is to launching a token offering, as well as ensuring that everything is safe and transparent with all of the legalities done first. As a pioneer in the consensus industry, we offer the tools to democratize access to finance and through our platform, investors, start-ups and established companies are able to find opportunities they otherwise never would have.

At FIAT Exchange, we have consultants to help innovative start-ups, promising businesses and even well-established corporations launch their own Initial Exchange Offering, Initial Coin Offering, Security Token Offering or Reverse Token Offering effectively, efficiently and successfully. As a constituting body, we act as partners and assist each and every project from compliance, fundraising, and to final listing in our Digital Marketplace.

While there already are other operating equity crowdfunding platforms in the European Union, we are the first to expand to become a broker-dealer and introduce to our investors an alternative Smart Securities layer, offering a secondary market where investors can trade their startup securities.

If you are an Investor looking to unlock access in the FIAT Exchange ecosystem and discover new investment opportunities or if you are an Entrepreneur looking to raise capital, we can definitely help! Please feel free to contact us:

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A pioneer in the consensus industry offering the tools to democratize access to finance and aiming to reengineer the future of capital markets.

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