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The Biggest Cryptocurrencies Recovering Losses with a Bullish Trend

In recent Bitcoin news, the changing of hands has begun for BTC/USD at just around $8800 per, having already recovered from an $8,650 low amidst strong rally during early hours in Asia. In connection to this, the first digital coin has lost a whopping 5% in just one day but gained about 1.8% since then. Beginning Friday, trades within the strong bearish bias, albeit short-term, cannot be avoided amid all the recent expanding volatility of crypto.

In other news, the ETH/USD’s recent record of changing hands is at around $213.50. However, it’s good to note that the price actually dipped above $215.00 during early hours Asia time and upside momentum favors it greatly as Ethereum remains strong despite the economic issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the second-largest digital coin in the world basically increased its worth by over 3.8% since the Friday, beginning its road to success and moving within a bullish trend, albeit short-term, no one can contest that the volatility is slowly growing.

Now tackling the third most important cryptocurrency, the XRP/USD value is hovering just below $0.22. Immediately after recovering from Thursday’s collapse to $0.20, it gained nearly a 4% increase since the start of the day. Depending on your perspective, XRP can actually considered as trading within a bullish trend even taking into account the very high volatility.

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