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The State of Security Token Regulations in Asia: Thailand

In 2016 and 2017, we saw the outstanding achievement of ICOs and their lofty drop in 2018. The simplicity of raising capital through unregulated token deals was at first their advantage, however later turned into their stigma. FOMO (fear of missing out) pulled in numerous unpracticed financial specialists who purchased tokens of activities which neither had a convincing item nor a fantastic group to execute. Far more atrociously: in the wake of examining their wallets, financial specialists took in the most difficult way possible that the vast majority of their ICO tokens don’t give them any state later on the advancement of the items promised to them in the undertaking’s whitepapers, entirely different from equity investments.

As such, the center-view has changed towards security tokens. Security tokens speak to protections, when in doubt, i.e., financial instruments. Putting resources into security tokens gives financial specialists more rights, thus token guarantors, speculators, intermediaries and marketplaces must consider the national protections guidelines being material in this particular case.

A lot of countries in Asia have took a step to clarify the regulations they have set regarding cryptocurrencies and security tokens:


In Asia, Thailand has by a wide margin the well-characterized enactment set up to administer security token contributions and trades.

In May 2018, the Thai government has distributed its Digital Asset Decree that sets up the important necessities for a business to offer or give activities to computerized resources. The pronouncement covers both cryptographic forms of money just as advanced tokens and is supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC Thailand). The announcement unmistakably sections between essential issuance exercises, pertinent to token offers and backers, and auxiliary market exercises, relevant to token trade and exchange related middle people.

With the decree enacted, Thailand has also established three types of licenses namely,

  • Digital Asset Exchange License
  • Digital Asset Broker License
  • Digital Asset Dealer License

These licenses spread out the particular exercises that organizations can take an interest in. The trade permit is appropriate to an inside or system set up for the motivations behind exchanging or trading of computerized resources. The representative permit is relevant to any individual who gives benefits as an intermediary or an operator as for the exchanging or trade of advanced resources. The vendor permit is relevant to any individual who furnishes administrations as for the exchanging or trade of computerized resources for its record outside the advanced resource trade.

Independently, the Digital Asset Decree has limited token issuances to be done uniquely through endorsed ICO entrances. Thailand has additionally explicitly set out a rundown of affirmed cryptographic forms of money that might be acknowledged as speculation capital for ICOs, and to be combined with different resources on computerized resource trades: BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM.

In view of this, Thailand’s Ministry of Finance has approved five, three brokers Digital Asset Brokers, one dealer, and three ICO portals.

There is more work to be done: Thailand hasn’t built up clear rules with respect to guardianship necessities for advanced resource and digital currency organizations. Today it is indistinct with respect to in the case of existing principles material to protections ought to be relevant to advanced resources, or if new rules and guidelines will be set up in future.

Stay tuned for the next country in focus on our three-part special report!

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