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Feb 12, 2017 · 1 min read
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Local fiber technicians observing setups for advanced fiber testing

It’s late on a Sunday evening in Okinawa. We are about to start week three of advanced fiber testing of fiber network infrastructure at joint U.S. military bases. This place is truly amazing. It’s a beautiful island with very wonderful people. Okinawa was among the most brutal battles fought during World War II’s pacific theatre. More than 150,000 lives were lost just in the series of battles on this island. There are memorials around the island honoring those who died on both sides. At the same time, Okinawa continues to be a Japanese tourist destination, a home to many Okinawans and mainland Japanese; as well as the home of US and Japanese military bases. The U.S. continues to have a very strong presence here. I don’t know how many bases there are here, but we will be on 15 of them before our testing is completed, including Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force bases. We love Japan, the Japanese people and their culture. And we are honored to be here to experience their culture while also serving to support U.S. Forces.
Tim Yount
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