Michael Dubakov
Jun 25 · 1 min read

We create Fibery.io based on several main principles. They are short, deep and concrete.


We don’t support or promote any development or work process. We believe that every organization is unique and should decide for itself how it runs. It should be easy to tweak Fibery to support any process.

LEGO-like experience

Fibery is built for Creators. We do provide instructions and pre-sets, but first we provide freedom to combine building blocks, explore and invent new things.

Adaptation and evolution

Organizations are not static. They change and evolve, their processes change and evolve. Fibery adapts to various organizations and evolves with them. Fibery handles changes in work process gracefully and powers experiments.

Transparency & Fairness

We don’t make your data export unnecessary complicated and migration harder than it should be.

We don’t hide basic and common features under expensive pricing schemes.

We don’t obscure our future plans, metrics and problems.

We trust you by default.

Fibery Team looks at you.


The work management platform that adapts to companies and grows with them

Michael Dubakov

Written by

Fibery founder https://fibery.io. I write about systems, software development and products.



The work management platform that adapts to companies and grows with them

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