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Michael Dubakov
Mar 15 · 2 min read

Our Slack Bot has no AI yet. However, it can be useful for many people.

This video shows installation flow and basic cases:

Slack Bot can do several things:

Create Entities from messages

Every message can be converted to some entity. For example, Task, Feature, Bug, Document and anything else. Just click on a message actions, select Create Entity action and here we go:

Post screenshot with a bug to Slack channel → Create Bug in Fibery.

Note: If a message contains an image, it will be attached to an entity. Thus you can create bug from screenshots in Slack quickly. Very handy!

Create Entities using Bot command

Type /fibery create bug “this is a bug” and new bug will be created. You can create other entities as well, like:

Note that you can assign people from Slack using @ symbol.

See a list of assigned Entities

You can type command to see assigned Bugs, Stories, Tasks, Features, etc:

You will see a list like this:

You can open any Bug by clicking the link:

We are going to improve Slack Bot and make it smarter. For example, it will recognize vacations like dayoff today , allow to change statuses of tasks and other entities, notify you about important events.

Try to use Slack Bot and give us feedback!


The work management platform that adapts to companies and grows with them

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The work management platform that adapts to companies and grows with them

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