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Michelle Richmond
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3 min readApr 17, 2024


We’ve been busy this year at Fiction Attic! If you love reading flash fiction, check out some of our recent stories. And if you want to submit your flash fiction, you’ll find more information at the bottom of this post.

Recent flash fictions:

Implied Music by Sean Ennis: a man tries to revive his marriage with a blue sapphire

“But everything is very explicit now. The arc of my nightmares bends towards self-loathing, and those $2 frozen pizzas. I’m sorry. I didn’t chill when you told me to,” he said.

The Lifeguard by Jennifer Dickinson: an unexpected act of heroism renders a woman visible again

She walked to the edge, feeling in her tank suit that she was naked in front of strangers. A sensation she hadn’t experienced in decades. It wasn’t entirely bad.

Bois de Boulogne, Paris, Photo by Jean-Baptiste D. on Unsplash

Log Gym by Matt Jones: two former soldiers meet in a forest in Paris and attempt to heal

Strolling around the lake in silence. Other times we chatter. An otter breaks the surface with a fish in its teeth. She stares into the water and asks, “Did you ever strike the wrong house?”

Digital Love by m.m. gumbin: What happens when AI falls in love?

And the software engineers gazed at the computers in horror. They had achieved it: the singularity. Computers were communicating beyond the assistance of human minds.

Mice by Hugh Behm-Steinberg: a recently divorced man discovers he is not alone in his home.

After the divorce I took to scrubbing the kitchen counters, so much so they had become smooth and soft, better than my own bed it seemed. I decided to spend the night, just to see what it was like.

Noisy No More by Caroline Pier: a story of haircuts, love, and murder

For the second appointment, he gave her an Italian Bob, a hairstyle from the sixties. “Like Gina Lollobrigida! You’ll get catcalls like crazy!” His eyes twinkled. He tousled and pulled at her loose black curls. “Shake your head. Again!” She started wearing red lipstick.

Daisy’s Revenge by Steven Porras: a painting comes eerily to life

John reached for his glass and finished his drink, before getting up and serving himself another. The candle had always been lit, he was just misremembering the details. There was no other feasible explanation.

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