Flowers Of The Moon

Neera Handa Dr
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a Fantasy

The random word is manner.

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“Oh no!”

Kappass cried, falling down on her beloved moon, clutching its dust in her hands.

She was being punished for covering her nakedness out of shame and had to leave the only place she had ever known.

Hesitant, and reluctant, she jumped through the moon to reach the earth.

“I must create a place that reminds me of and is better than what I had,” determined, she found a place to sow the moon dust.

And one day, clusters of shiny, moon flowers appeared everywhere.

In this manner, kappass, or cotton came to clothe everyone in her new homeland!

Image created in NightCafe by Author

Kappas means cotton. It can be written as Kappas, kappaas or Kapas, as it is a Hindi word ‘कपास’.

कपास written in a phonetic way would sound as

K pp aa s.

Like Cha, Chay meaning tea, it can be written as kappas, kapas, or karpas.

The meaning is the same!

It is found in many languages.



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