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Porth Neigwl: Hell’s Mouth

A totally normal, non-supernatural travel review

Dr. Casey Lawrence
Fiction Shorts
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2 min readMar 14, 2024


Photo by Michael Shannon on Unsplash

Do you dream of wild, undulating waves crashing against a rugged coastline? Visit Porth Neigwl! Its playful English nickname is a nod to the thirty-odd shipwrecks in this area over the last 180 years.

“Dive right in!” ★★★★★

Enjoy four miles of unspoiled beach, excellent for experienced swimmers. Large breaking waves and strong currents make for a challenging and thrilling plunge. The occasional riptide keeps things interesting!

“Positively prehistoric!” ★★★★

The pristine ancient beach offers no facilities, preventing it from becoming an overcrowded tourist trap. Care should be taken on the soft clifftops of boulder clay, remnants from the last Ice Age. Landslips into the gaping maw of Charybdis are not uncommon.

“The best place for bodyboarding!” ★★★★★

Make sure to bring your own body, as there will be very few opportunities for rentals! Come prepared by pre-harvesting a body at least six to eight hours before your trip — but no more than twenty-four — to take full advantage of rigor mortis.

“Lives up to its name!” ★★★

A convenient portal to Hell just off the coast makes interplanar travel a breeze! Visitors wanting to avoid eternal damnation should bring appropriate fare for the crossing. (Exact change only.)

“Take in the sea air!” ★★★★

Best of all, there are no jetskis, because there is nowhere to launch them. Enjoy free parking, brisk ocean winds, and the bloated corpses of dead sheep along the path to the underworld. The virtually empty beach is an excellent place for dog-walking. Gwyllgi welcome!

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