She Was Fighting a Losing Battle

Can real books compete with e-books?

Kim Zuch
Fiction Shorts
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1 min readJun 7, 2024


Today’s random word is Statement.

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A Drabble is a work of fiction that is exactly 100 words.

“I want my fans to turn the page, take a sip of coffee, and read. I want them to experience the smell of a bookstore or the thrill of finding that perfect library book.”

“You’re going to lose So. Much. Money. E-books are in right now, up there with audiobooks. I know you’re making a statement, but you’re missing out,” Miranda said.

“I love having an actual book in my hands, and so do my readers,” Sandi argued, knowing her agent was right about the money.

Sandi was fighting a losing battle, but she wouldn’t provide any digital books.

Join the fun….

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Kim Zuch
Fiction Shorts

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