The Sins Of Fathers

Redound upon the sons — short fiction

Neera Handa Dr
Fiction Shorts


The random word is redound.

Photo by Kevin Kelly on Unsplash

Coming home, his usual, sad, tired self, he went straight to pour a drink and was surprised to find something bubbling on the stove, and fresh flowers.

Had he entered a wrong house? A bit awkwardly, he called, “Who’s there?”

“Oh darling! Can you stir the pot, I’ll be just a minute!”

“What the…!”

“Please cover it, we don’t want all the flavour to steam away!”

Humming a tune, he walked to his wine collection.

“I drink red!” A husky voice came from behind.

“What could redound this bonanza”, thinking, he turned around to check ‘her’, when everything went dark!

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

I had started to write this drabble, in response to Nancy Oglesby’s daily drabble challenge 5/29, a couple of days ago, but then didn’t get to finish and submit it. The word is Redound, meaning bringing advantage or disadvantage, but here, I’m interested in its archaic meaning, to come back on!

150 Random Word Drabble. Challenge 5/29 | by Nancy Oglesby | Fiction Shorts | May, 2024 | Medium

I came across this drabble by Kim Zuch, fascinating piece!

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Neera Handa Dr
Fiction Shorts

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