If I were to manage new employees (Part 1)

So We got a few new recruits into our company to intern, they will be spending some months before we decide maybe to employ them or not.

I was assigned the role to manage their onboarding process until they had joined the system’s oneness.

I interviewed them and opened the companies intern email for them as well as integrated them into the companies collaboration platform such as teams, GitHub, Confluence and Jira.

In other for them to begin contributing to the codebase of the company, I had to create a branch for them to clone from, they will create their features and after been reviewed, it gets merged as part of the companies new addons.

We also introduced a reward system for whenever they had their code merged into the companies codebase.

The first time they cloned the companies codebase to start working, they had a problem putting in their idea code because it was not cleary commented for a beginner or intern as they were. I set an hour every day for work through of our codebase, how it launches and see that they interact with the system while they make comments or suggestions or ask questions; I made sure to answer their questions at every point in time.

After daily stand up they had to be the first to pick from the backlog of tasks then the rest of the companies employees assign for themselves the rest of the tasks from the backlog.

Sometimes they had to communicate with some members of the team to get their job done, I realised they were not getting quick response to enable them proceed with their tasks because those they communicated with were busy with their tasks as well.

In other to mitigate this, I had to set up a people-process callback system; we decided that while some questions might not be a very brief answer or that some of the geeks might not be able to leave their on-going task to provide answers for; we arranged for a bot within our most used collaboration platform. The bot will always alert every 30mins for 5 mins break, some fun music from the random music selected by the team.

For that 5 mins break, they can respond to whatever questions someone had asked earlier and might want to ask within that time.

We measured the progress and saw that people were not just getting responses but were also stretching out their stiff muscles, some of the employees without questions to be answered getting their eyes aways from the system and others making calls to help out someone in the team that has some blockers.




This is a publication of raw thoughts, sometimes it is aimed at giving insight about something I hope should be done myself or by someone else or some system

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