Why are you here?

Lets get you organized!

Seems like discovery got to you. You have discovered us. We are so happy. Anyway, since you are here for a short time between FB likes and Instagram hearts — we want to tell you what we are here for.


No, not the highway. This is the building block. Each piece is a few minutes long followed by actionable takeaways for you. 101 section is more about a primer for you to help in your hunt. We break this down into 4 —

You, your strengths, your weaknesses

Learn more about yourself and what kind of work appeals to you. If you know what you want, or at least a little but of what you want, 50% of the work is done.

Of companies, firms and organizations

This is a primer on understanding the anatomy of companies. Like you, they are also trying to find their way in the world. But unlike you, they have boatloads of money. Primarily that is how they are able to attract you!

Of rocketships and racketships

Things to like, dislike, hate, avoid when looking for a new job

Lets see what you like

A fun game for you on Messenger to see what kind of companies you are attracted to!

All interviews are wild rides — hope you’re strapped in

Phase 2— The interview process

  • Cover Letter — We talk about what works, what doesn’t. If its a cover letter — assume nothing works and this is a relic of the past.
  • Resume — Your ally, your friend, slip in a typo and your chances will end
  • Phone interview — Hotline bling that you need to get good at
  • Follow ups — How to not come off as the stalker
  • A friendly word about social media

Hopefully you’ll be more interested than this

Phase 3 — Interview prep and on-sites

  • “Tell me about yourself”

This always comes up. And you need a good answer to this. As useless as it might seem to you to regurgitate your experience — this better come out good. No pressure.

  • “An app that you like, why do you like it?”

You spend a boatload of time on apps, why not talk about why?

  • “Talk to me about Failure”

We hate this but we have to. And it cannot be a failure because you “worked too hard”

  • “Any questions for me?”

Softballs, keep them interested.

  • “Why <You>”
  • “Why Now”
  • “Why <this role>”
  • “Why <this company>”