101 — You, your strengths, your weaknesses

Congratulations, you are here because you seek self fulfillment. Or inner peace. Or direction.

Great, I would recommend Nepal and climbing a bunch of mountains to figure out if this is what you want out of life. Self fulfillment is a lie. Inner peace is a constant machete death match with yourself. And I would be lost without Google Maps so I am not the best person to seek out for direction.

Well, the whole process is singularly difficult to find what you want to be doing your entire life. Even the word career associates itself with an insurance adjuster who has given up on life.

So, lets break it down. Lets take your first job. It doesn’t have to the person you end up spending the rest of your life with (I am on a roll with these dating analogies but lets roll with it)

So, if you treat it like that, some of the pressure will evaporate out.

So, assuming that you are not completely clueless and have gone through classes or projects — we should be able to figure out what you like doing and what you hate doing. Then we work our way to places that you like and then places that you would likely hate. This will give you a good place to start off from and every job isn’t giving you FOMO.

So lets deep dive into strengths — You must have liked something that you did in school, or college or in your internships. This is not something that you saw in a movie, or something that someone you know does which is incredibly lucrative. This is all about you. Your likes, your dislikes. These will help you calibrate.

Go fill out the details here in this Google sheet below