101 — Lets see what you like

Great! you have made it this far. Now, is the fun part. You get to look at companies that are out there in the world and decide if you like them or not. Sort of like Tinder but no matches ever happen (On the bright side, no one gets hurt either).

Not the kind of match you were expecting I bet

We built a bot for you to go try out the different companies that exist. I feel that you will like the bot. I don’t know why but I do.

So go on — Message the bot below and let us know of your own preferences. Once you are done — you will have a framework to go think about the companies that you enjoy. Remember, its all about the thought process that you put in place before you join a company and the expectations that you have.

Remember — A company isn’t good or bad by itself. But it can be good or bad for you based on your skills and goals.

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