I’m happy. Don’t know why. But it is one of those modes where your brain wants to be just happy and do crazy stuff. I quickly figured out some mischief and started executing it. Okay, guys, I’m going to do something silly, and you must adore me for that.

Here it goes. I did it. Oops !! No one looked!! *pouts* Okay, let’s try one more time, I’m pretty sure I’ll grab a lot of attention. Oh no, it didn’t work now as well!! What’s wrong with me? Am I doing something wrong? But that’s what I’m supposed to do. At least at this point in life. And people are supposed to love me for that.

I think it because of the stupid screen they are staring at. What can be so interesting to keep them hooked to it than looking at me? I’m gonna take a peek. Here I go, put my head on it. Nothing cool, bud come on look at me! I’m running around, and jumping, is that not funny?

It’s just not just him; everyone is the same. I’m going to try it one more time and see how these people react. Here I do it again. Yippppeeee, I got few people smiling at me. So the problem is not me. Let’s try it one more time. OK, few little smiles than the last time. Few little, few little, and all were gone.

That’s it I’m going to pull the last plug, the final call, this is going to get some attention. Here we go jump jump jump jump and hands into the dustbin. ‘Kanna, what the hell are you doing?’ my mom yelled as I stood there with my naughty smile so proud of getting her attention.

Now, it’s time for the punishment, She called me near and jailed me within her arms. At least now she is going to play with me, that is what I hope. But no, she has gone back to stare at her screen and so did I. *Sigh*

History repeats itself, 15 years later I’m doing the same.