Goodbye my Good Old Friend

It is not what you think it is.

I used to have a friend. A roommate of sorts. Just like every other time and every other thing, I was attached. I was attached because it was nice to have company. From waking up in the morning to waving good night. He was there, every day; when I left for work or I came back home.

One day as I walked out of my room at midnight, After abruptly waking up from a deep sleep, I heard rustling noises. I figured that he had company, so I did the thing any friend would do, pretended that I didn’t notice anything and, went back to bed.

But, soon things started escalating, of course in their relationship. New things were entering our home in the name of gifts and soon she did too. His girlfriend. I didn’t like it initially but I played along. Sooner I got accustomed to her company as well. For once you see I was afraid of losing things I was attached to. I have no other plausible explanation for this whole madness.

Her presence was everywhere except for my room. I must have moved out, but, neither did I move out nor was I asked to. How can he ask me to, it was my apartment in the first place. He would have been homeless if it was not for me.

Sooner or later, she got pregnant. I know you are surprised, but I was not. Well, what else do you expect? Suddenly things changed, literally upside down, that goofball got a job. This time it was him who brought her gifts. I was there watching this all happen, the transformation, their love, most importantly him being there for her.

One day, as I entered my home after a long day, there they were my little cute honey buns. They were twins. She might have been in labor that morning.

Weeks passed by. The little ones started growing gradually and in a few weeks, they were ready to move out of the apartment. They are ready for their new home. The Sky.

The pigeons in my bathroom window — Goodbye my Good Old Freind. Now I have to shut the window from the outside. Just so, no other pigeons enter.

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The sky.