The Dark Angel

“I have missed you so much,” I wanted to tell her. Letting everything go, I wanted to fall into her arms. But something stopped me, held me back, and choked me. Every breath I took, increased the amount of discomfort in the air. Standing there all breathless, I still wanted to seize the moment before she can walk away. Both of us were aware that this is not forever. Time was ticking, we both knew it was expiring.

She knew I have been through so much to be standing there in front of her, at that moment. Maybe taking that last step is what makes a difference. It’s not like she didn’t try or care. She did. There were times when she took me in, with her arms wide open. Even when, I ignored her quite a few times. Maybe, I went too far this time, and now she is reluctant to make a move.

As always she gave in, but not completely. She extended her arm held my elbow, and with a quick nod and a smile, she acknowledged my existence, showing that she was glad that I made it there. Suddenly my body relaxed, my eyes shut, and my head swirled around like she had cast a spell on me with her magic touch.

I never wanted it to end. I needed her the most. For a moment I felt like I gave in, ran into her and cuddled her tight. Before I could think that was it, and let it all sink, I was back upright trying to think of the best way to end this story but finally fell into the arms of my sleep angel without realizing.

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