The Final Goodbye

Trust me this is not one of those cheesy love stories.

The end is near. He was a dream of a million years. He didn’t come to me that easily and that’s what makes the closure even harder. You need to know a few things about him. One, he is way out of my league. Two I love him more than he loves me.

Two years ago, when he entered my home, my dad was suspicious. For, he was too good to be true. After all the hardships I went through, when his dark masculine hand clasped with mine, I knew this would be one blast of a journey.

He was there at almost every instance of my life, through good and bad, sweet and sad. He clicked through my happy moments standing at a corner. Every time I felt lonely, he brought in a bunch of friends at my doorstep.

Lately, he has been sick, and we both knew it was time to let it all go. I have been putting it off just because I am way too attached to him. I was reluctant to let go of him. One day, he made me realize that it is about time I did it. He let me down hard. He abandoned me in a godforsaken place. He knew how I was depended on him for every little thing.

No, he didn’t become a monster overnight. That’s just his way of showing his inability to remain as a part of my life, trying to prove a point.

I was expecting the day for the past six months. But now that we are just weeks away from it, something stirs in me. He says that I will find someone better, in fact, he already helped me choose one. How crazy can a guy get? Sometimes it irritates me, but a part of me is trying to accept the fact and move on. Trying to bid him the final goodbye.

Walking through the dark,

he was my light; The lullabies of my night.

He never gets out of my sight.

He is only losing his soul

After all, he is just a Phone.

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